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17 Best ZoomInfo Alternatives and Competitors for (Free & Paid)

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The CEO approval, in particular, is a bit low for a tech company. Pro Tip : Using this tool, customers can search social media for qualified leads in their target market. Instead, they integrate with these platforms. As shown in the quote above, they don’t compete with well known sales tech like Salesforce and Dynamics. One way to embrace a kickass lead generation strategy is to invest in a contact management platform such as ZoomInfo.

9 Best ZoomInfo Alternatives & Competitors for | Shane Barker.


The ZoomInfo alternative offers a one-month trial plan. You can upgrade to one of the three paid plans after the trial. Pro Tip : Know the deals at risk, personalize email marketing and improve retention with this ZoomInfo alternative. DiscoverOrg, a ZoomInfo company, is also one of the prominent ZoomInfo alternatives that helps businesses build targeted sales lists that align with their marketing and sales goals.

Pro Tip : Access real-time insights into your prospects, and build custom journeys to boost conversions. Mattermark ranks high as ZoomInfo Alternatives, allowing businesses to discover and track growing industries globally.

This lead intelligence tool helps with more intelligent targeting and faster business conversions. Pro Tip : Customize your scoring algorithm for the leads so that you get best-fit prospects for your organization.

DNB Hoovers. With this platform, companies identify and target the total acquisition market. Rackspace and Morningstar Inc. This ZoomInfo alternative has two types of plans — Rev. This ZoomInfo alternative gives your sales and leadership team complete visibility into the sales pipeline, deals, and market changes. The tool analyses customer interactions to build insights that back your decisions. Pro Tip : Use conversational analytics to segment your customers for better strategies to enhance conversions with this leading ZoomInfo alternative.

Another popular ZoomInfo alternatives tool, now known as Demandbase, provides account intelligence that helps businesses with GTM strategies. The tool spots opportunities earlier and helps convert faster. Pro Tip : Use several filters and data sets to increase intent-based data for your business. SalesIntel is among the leading ZoomInfo alternatives that allows businesses to reach, target, and convert the ideal customers.

Businesses can create a sales pipeline with accurate data to close more deals. Top B2B businesses including VanillaSoft and Attribution use this tool for intel on their target audience. Pro Tip : Combine direct dial data with purchase intent to personalize your communication and improve your lead generation processes. The Clearbit data activation platform, an excellent ZoomInfo alternative, provides businesses with an inside view into the market and the customers. It helps companies build a personalized journey across intents.

LeadFuze is a sales prospecting platform that makes for one of the best ZoomInfo alternatives. Be it sales professionals, marketers, or recruiters, this growth acceleration platform guarantees fresh and relevant leads for everyone.

LeadFuze offers a trial that comes with 25 free credits for users to sample the product. It comes with three paid plans:. Pro Tip : LeadFuze offers really unique options to narrow down your search—for instance, you can target prospects that are spending a particular amount of money on paid ads. How cool is that?

FAQs Q1. What is the best alternative to ZoomInfo? However, its Professional plan comes with a day free trial. ZoomInfo is a contact data and management platform that boosts business development. It comes with a suite of tools that aids sales and marketing teams in understanding their audience and finding new prospects.

Although they can seem similar, Salesforce provides more advanced functionality for users to manage their sales funnel.

For price information on higher-tier plans, you need to contact the vendor. ZoomInfo gathers information about a person or company from multiple sources that are also searched by major search engines such as Yahoo and Google. It obtains data for its Public Profiles in several ways including its Vast Contributory Network, third-party expert partners, and machine learning tools.

Future growth opportunities:. But the company was built on acquisitions, so I expect this to be a big part of growth moving forward. They tend to acquire the software items that their own sales team uses. Brett ZoomInfo Engage. This is a relatively new product that is supposed to help your sales team engage with more prospects.

Hard to understand as an outsider, but it has stuff like an automated dialer and email automation. Brad Macro. Things like school closures, stimulus checks, thriving stock indexes, and the creator economy are all lowering labor participation and pushing more wage inflation. That directly enhances the value proposition of its product and should be a good wave for the company to ride into Highlights and lowlights:.

And it seems like sales reps really get a lot of help out of the product. Also, in theory, the more the platform is used the better it gets. Brett Highlights: Great profit margins, clear value proposition to the customer, and minimal competition from anyone large. What is more valuable: Salesforce or ZoomInfo to a sales rep in five years?

Possibly ZoomInfo. Brad I think this founder is a rock star. Reaching but broader AI platforms like C3 and Palantir leverage their know-how to try and take a piece of this extremely promising space.

Bull Case:. But rather than avoid this exciting sector, I prefer to focus on finding high-quality stocks that look reasonably valued relative to their peer group and slowly adding to them over time. In the absence of a market crash or major change in the growth story, I’d consider ZoomInfo fairly valued in today’s market. Nevertheless, any richly valued stock comes with significant risk. Based on my analysis of quantitative and qualitative factors, the competition, and moat sources, ZoomInfo looks like a great company.

There are two things holding me back from investing in it. The first is the valuation, since although ZoomInfo is fairly valued relative to peers, I don’t want to hold too many stocks that have an extremely high valuation. The other thing that makes me pause is my own experience checking out the product, but since I’m not in the target market, I don’t think it’s fair to put much weight on this. Despite these concerns, I lean slightly bullish on ZoomInfo based on its strong quantitative performance.

Kennan is a software engineer who has worked at companies of all sizes, from as large as Google to as small as a single person.

Although not an investor by training, he enjoys applying his technical knowledge to analyze high tech companies and find investment opportunities for a long term time horizon.

The service shares research on growth stocks in high tech industries like SaaS and cryptocurrency, combining qualitative and quantitative research with a focus on timely events and opportunities. Subscribers are able to ask questions in a chat room and request research about topics they’re interested in. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions.

I am not receiving compensation for it other than from Seeking Alpha. I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article. Kennan Mell Marketplace. The Business ZoomInfo offers a software-as-a-service subscription used by sales and marketing teams to generate and analyze sales leads. Personal Experience The problem that ZoomInfo is solving is one that I’m personally very familiar with, having started businesses myself.

Source: ZoomInfo Compilation Besides quantitative metrics, there are important qualitative factors to consider, which I separate into advantages, disadvantages, and unknowns. The company is founder led, although he now owns just 1. International lead generation is still done largely in person, according to TechTarget.

ZoomInfo’s revenue could be more cyclical than most SaaS companies’ since sales and marketing expenses are somewhat discretionary. This was never an issue for Salesforce, which has grown revenue in every year since But ZoomInfo is still a newly public company that’s untested in recession. ZoomInfo has a mediocre Glassdoor rating : 4. The CEO approval, in particular, is a bit low for a tech company.

But this isn’t so low that I would consider it problematic. I like to buy what I know, and my limited personal experience with ZoomInfo didn’t give me a great impression. But I’m also not one of their target customers, so this doesn’t carry much weight. ZoomInfo could be considered a covid stock since it can replace in person networking and lead generation.

Unknowns: ZoomInfo has been highly acquisitive, which tends to be a more unpredictable strategy than organic growth.

Competition We envision ZoomInfo as an intelligence and engagement solution that can help you get more out of your CRM investment. The company has worse margins, slower growth, more debt, and less recurring revenue than ZoomInfo. They’re worth keeping an eye on, but by their own admission “operational and execution issues led to stagnant revenue growth and declining profitability” over the last decade. The company recently improved its ZoomInfo competitor based on data taken from their websites, where they find people viewing their websites with the intent to purchase a product.

This has massively jumpstarted growth, but it’s difficult to see them expanding out of their business tech niche to compete with ZoomInfo in other industries. ZoomInfo to some extent competes with other forms of sales and marketing like digital advertising, especially on social media like LinkedIn and Doximity. Moat Sources Moat sources are highly qualitative for emerging growth companies.

Conclusion Based on my analysis of quantitative and qualitative factors, the competition, and moat sources, ZoomInfo looks like a great company. This article was written by. Kennan Mell. Author of Tech Investing Edge. Growth opportunities in tech, crypto, and more from an industry insider.


Nevertheless, any richly valued stock comes with significant risk. More than 2, top companies rely on Sisense to unlock game-changing business insights, and for good reason.


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