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So about that pricing. When we have any issues with the cable or the internet they send someone out ASAP.

Armstrong Internet Review: Pretty Fast, but for a Pretty Penny – CNET – What Factors Affect Internet Speed?


Hence, testing the broadband speed with a third-party speed tests is essential to get correct results. Slow internet could be due to several reasons. Streaming or downloading data that consistently uses bandwidth can slower the internet.

Run a speed test on your broadband connection and if its slow, reset the router. The variation in broadband speed could be due to network congestion or available bandwidth. What is the ideal speed to use Netflix, play games, video chat on Skype, etc.? The ideal speed for using Netflix, Skype, and online gaming is 25 Mbps.

If you get this speed, you can enjoy these activities and other similar ones without any interruptions. To demonstrate your best performance in the game, your network should have ideal latency or ping otherwise, your opponent might defeat you in the game.

If it happens with you quite often, the latency is high. For winning, the latency should be milliseconds. If you are in the game, it should be between 60 and milliseconds. As you already know, most broadband service providers have their own speed tests to check the speed of the network. Generally, broadband providers eliminate some crucial variables while testing speed and give you a false result.

A third-party speed test comes in handy to get impartial results. With our network speed test, you will know the accurate speed of your broadband and determine whether it is ideal or not. With this, you will also know if your internet connection is reliable or your network service provider is overcharging you. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

The components of Armstrong speed test results. Download test The download speed of the broadband determines the speed at which you boot up data from the internet.

Upload test It is the speed at which a device uploads data over the network. Ping test It indicates the time interval in which the data reaches its destination. Jitter test It is the time taken by data to reach its destination. Write A Comment Cancel Reply. Submit Type above and press Enter to search. Press Esc to cancel.

This statistic makes Armstrong the 14th-largest provider of cable internet in the U. Armstrong internet speeds top out at 1 Gbps with their cable service, while the DSL speeds hit their limit at 25 Mbps.

Is Armstrong available at my house? Find out if Armstrong is available to your home by typing your address below to refine results:. That cable box has got a new lease on life, thanks to a neat bit of technology that allows it to bring you the internet as well as TV.

The internet as we know it runs best as light signals over fiber-optic cables. But connecting fiber-optic cable lines directly to your house is crazy expensive, so instead, cable operators have figured out a way to turn the light signals on fiber-optic cables into electromagnetic signals that travel on the coaxial cables connected to your cable box.

This technology can give you download speeds up to 1 Gbps on par with fiber! Because coaxial cables are designed for broadcasting, they work a lot better with information going down than going up. In the age of cellphones, telephone jacks might seem like the strange relics of a long-lost civilization, but you can actually use them to connect to the internet.

DSL connections use existing telephone lines to transmit internet data via electromagnetic signals. Because it uses telephone lines, DSL connections are available just about everywhere, including rural areas where fiber and cable infrastructure is nonexistent.

Internet Insights: Although DSL is slower sometimes much slower than fiber and cable connections, the FCC still classifies it as broadband or high-speed internet. If you live in an area where connection options are limited, or you have a small household where the internet is used for more mundane activities like shopping, email , and social media, then you might want to consider this plan. Some things go so well together that the magic combinations never seem to end.

Take bread and cheese, for example. Similarly, combining the internet with services like TV and digital phone results in a stream of possibilities, each of which opens up worlds of convenience and savings. Armstrong offers a range of services ready to bundle with your internet service. Many Armstrong internet bundles even throw in Zoom enhanced Wi-Fi for free. This smart system of wireless routers connects to the Plume HomePass app, which lets you monitor your internet usage and direct Wi-Fi signal to the devices that need it most.

In internet lingo, a package combining two services is called a Double Play, while lumping three together makes a package called a Triple Play.

Signing up with some internet providers ends up being a crash course in contract law, requiring you to wade through seas of legalese lest you end up on the hook for wallet-busting things like early termination fees ETFs. The service still has many of the standard terms and conditions you get with other internet providers. One notable condition of Armstrong internet service is the data caps. Data caps act a bit like tolls on the highway.

While they are annoying, tolls prevent drivers from using the road too much and prevent congestion. Similarly, data caps prevent internet users from bingeing on data and slowing down the network for everyone. Sure you can. Find these Armstrong extended data plans and the possible savings for pre-paying in the following table:. Nobody likes to be caught off guard by fees, especially data overage charges. Take a moment to look over the following table we put together to see what data caps apply to each Armstrong internet plan:.

Fees are like bees. If you want that sweet, sweet internet honey, you might have to deal with the sting of a few fees. Of course, you can learn about the fees associated with your internet service to avoid as many of them as possible. Armstrong charges fees for installation, data overages, and equipment rental.

Another fee to look out for is non-return equipment fees. Internet providers charge customers these fees when they cancel their service and fail to return the equipment provided at setup. The difference between good French food and great French food is more butter. Similarly, the difference between good internet and great internet is more customer service. Initiate a live chat with an Armstrong representative by clicking Chat with us for Support or Chat with our Sales Team in the correct section on the Contact Us page.

This speed test instantly starts as soon as you click the “start” button at the top of this page. The test gathers data about the nearest server to your location and starts upload speed test by sending random bytes to the remote server. This upload test keeps sending data remotely for a few seconds, and after finishing the upload speed test, it starts checking your download speed.

And after everything finishes up, it creates a report which tells upload speed, download speed, jitter, ping, and the server used for testing your broadband speed. Ping is also an important factor that affects your speed for every website you browse. The slow ping rate tells that a delay of milliseconds adds up in every request you send or receive via your connection.

Its easy to use this tool. Many other websites offer this service but are majorly provided by the ISPs itself. However, the ISP’s speed test may not be reliable and would possibly be biased. Hence a customer needs a third party service that does not favor one ISP over the other.

Therefore you can use this tool without any fear of manipulated results and can use as many times as you like.


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This service provider promises an uninterrupted, high-speed, and reliable broadband connection to the users. The speed and performance of Armstrong allow you to download and upload data swiftly, play games, stream HD videos, or do any other such activity without interruption. Armstrong internet plans do not work on one-size-fit-all concept. Internet that’s faster than fast. Our internet service is called Zoom for a reason. It’s the area’s fastest internet speeds delivered to you on our highly reliable fiber-optic network. libraries, and educational opportunity centers. Armstrong’s advanced broadband network will be locally operated, bringing jobs, economic development and a. 22 rows · How to Check Armstrong Zoom Speed? To check Armstrong Zoom speed, head .


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