I did my undergraduate studies at Eastern Washington University and obtained Bachelors Degrees in Business Accounting and Management Information Systems. I always knew I would eventually own my own business, I just didn’t know what kind, yet. During my journey as an accountant, I decided I wanted something more exciting in my life. This led me to a new career in law enforcement where I was required to go through the police academy. After finishing the 5-month Basic Law Enforcement Academy, I decided I was having way too much fun doing it and became a Defensive Tactics Instructor. I went through lots of extensive training including Level 1, Level 2 DT Instructor Schooling, Firearm Simunition Instructor Training, Knife Combat and more.  During my 5-year career in Law Enforcement, I felt that I wasn’t doing what I was meant to do or utilizing my full potential. Responding to calls, I often was inside homes and was horrified by what I saw inside. Repeatedly, I saw old, outdated, mismatch furniture, dimly lit, weird smelling, off-putting, under-decorated houses. I couldn’t help but think of ways people could do to transform their home environment. I have always had a calling for Design. Ever since I was a child, I would dream about décor. I would rearrange my furniture and redecorate all my friends’ bedrooms and later their homes. While I was working as an LEO, I was remodeling and decorating my boyfriends home. Anyone who saw his home before the remodel was shocked at the transformation. His friends kept telling me, “People would pay a lot of money to make their homes look like this!” Later I moved in with him, we got married and decided to sell the home. I staged the house myself and received highly positive feedback from everyone who came through it. People were asking who the amazing designer was that remodeled and staged the home. We got multiple offers the day the house hit the market and sold $32K over asking price. This was when it hit me! THIS! THIS is what I am meant to do! I quit my job and started Brilliant Staging & Design. Since the start of Brilliant Staging and Design, I actively take online staging and design courses and any other information and resources I can get my hands on. In my search, I learned that Staging is a very new industry and there is no formal education or training for it. I searched for more resources and joined the Real Estate Stagers Association (RESA). This is where we have the privilege of learning from the industry leaders like Vern Yip. As a national and regional RESA member, my team and I stay on top of the newest and latest trends by attending monthly meetings and Annual Stagers Conventions (held in Las Vegas) where we get top of the line training and resources. I knew my education in Business was the most valuable education I could have as it taught me how to manage and operate a large, multifaceted corporation. I have seen the work of many and realized that it is pure art! You either have the artistic gift, or you don’t 😉 My natural talent for design and my untamable, burning passion and drive launched me into the career I always dreamt I could have.


As a leader, I firmly believe that a true leader leads the way by example, sharing knowledge and information with others in a way that grows understanding and confidence in the industry. Growing up my childhood nickname was “Principal.” My parents saw it in me before I was old enough to know what that meant. I always made sure my siblings did their homework, helped them when they didn’t understand something. I was consistently ended up being the group leader in school projects and delegated work. My parents would boast that I was the only child out of nine who never needed to be checked up on or woken up for school. I set my own alarms and even woke my parents to take me to extracurricular activities before school. I was the first to graduate college and the first to start a real career. I always loved to encourage and teach people. I began a preteen girls group through a local church in my hometown where I created a safe place for your girls who wanted to learn, have fun and have someone to lean on. I planned field trips, community service activities and make weekly motivational speeches to young women. This helped pave the way for my career as a leader. Don’t be fooled, my past career in Law Enforcement plays a massive role in my career as a Designer. It gave me a good backbone of confidence, ethics, security, trustworthiness, and knowledge of the law. My clients can rest assured that their home and belongings are safe with me. I come into every situation in life with the outlook of safety. I will never put anyone or anything in harm’s way. It is crucial for all professionals who enter stranger’s homes to know: 1. How to protect themselves 2. What red flags to look for. As Stagers and Designers, we make the world a more beautiful place, but there is also ugly in this world. And I know how to spot it, avoid it or bring it to justice. I believe that real industry leaders help mold the industry and train new professionals while informing the public about Staging- what it is, the benefits and the process. It has been my goal to shed light on this topic and spread the word. We use the world wide web to provide free staging, home design, and decor information and tips using our social media public pages! I am regularly requested to train new and upcoming staging professionals on every topic from the art itself to how to excel in business. It has been rewarding receiving positive feedback from fellow staging professionals, and home design enthusiast from all over the world. The opportunities that the staging and design industry has to offer are never-ending, and I am a steadfast explorer of its landscape. My passion for what I do harnesses the power of forward-thinking and trend-casting in the staging space.


I am an artist. I view each home as its own unique project, I do not offer preset packages for my services. I take the time to come into each house and take detailed notes and measurements before taking on a job. I base each staging off the architecture of the home, the natural and artificial lighting present, colors used throughout the house, the size, layout and target audience. My staging is based on the psychology of buyers and the science of photography. My goal with every home is for the photographer to not have to move a single item. The photographer should be able to photograph every room from every angle without anything interfering or blocking the focal points. Every home is as unique as the people that lived in it and will live in it. I will give homeowners specific recommendations on how to better the home before staging and listing it, accelerating the selling process. I am a perfectionist. Down to the smallest details. Every little piece of décor needs to be placed in the perfect spot in order to tell a story, portray a lifestyle and nurture a feeling. If someone moves a single pillow even an inch I will notice it. I have mastered staging down to a precise science. There is nothing simple about it. Some people have the idea that they can buy some furniture and put it in a room and call it staging. Even purchasing the correct furniture for a specific space comes down to an exact calculation. If a piece of furniture is too big or too small or too tall, it will ruin the photograph and flow of the space. I purchase and stock the trendiest furniture, which fits and photographs the best. I am a professional. I don’t shy away from doing everything necessary to be on top of the latest trends. My collection of inventory brings me pure joy and satisfaction when I walk through my warehouse and goo and gah over every item I own. I don’t believe in using dated furniture out of convenience of ownership. Updating inventory is a task that is often ignored by professionals as it takes time and dedication. This is an area that will show a professional’s work ethic and passion. I am a leader. I choose to hire and work with the best people with the biggest hearts and tons of passion for the industry. I can train anyone to do what I want him or her to do, but you can’t train someone to be a good, fun person. It is my firm belief that we must surround ourselves with the people who bring out the best in us. My employees are my best friends. Every day is an adventure, and there is always fun to be had. We keep the mood light and the smiles heavy. Things don’t always go as planned, people break things, and make mistakes. But there is always a solution to every problem, and never the need to get angry. It is my passion to curate people’s potential and confidence. But for someone to be molded into their best self, they need to have a good heart and mind. And it is my goal to build a team, a company of the best souls, sharpest minds and happiest hearts.