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Historic Price Lookup | Zoom Video Communications, Inc.

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Privacy concerns have been rising around Zoom, including ” Zoombombing ,” where a malicious user will join a Zoom meeting and show explicit or disturbing images.

CEO Eric Yuan apologized on Thursday for the security lapses and outlined what the company is doing to fix those problems. Investors have been watching for clues as to how the firm would fare as more people get vaccinated and social distancing restrictions lift. Zoom said it did not expect growth to continue at the pace it enjoyed last year, but so far business remains strong.

The pandemic, which prompted an abrupt shift to remote work for many businesses around the world, transformed Zoom into a household name practically overnight. News The word News. My Watchlist My Watchlist. Carmen Reinicke. Share icon An curved arrow pointing right. Twitter icon A stylized bird with an open mouth, tweeting.

Twitter Link icon An image of a chain link. If they don’t get it done now, look out on the other side of it but this will drive revenue, it’ll drive growth, it’ll drive profitability and assuming they get the security side of it right, the opportunity is endless for them at this point, especially for the foreseeable future,” said Bapis.

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Zoom stock price before and after covid.Zoom Video could hit even higher highs after 200% rally this year, traders say

Jun 02,  · Zoom Video could hit even higher highs after % rally this year, traders say. Zoom Video, one of the hottest stocks this year, was slightly lower on Tuesday afternoon following its earnings. Even before the coronavirus crisis hit, demand for Zoom stock was strong and seems likely to continue after the crisis. Zoom Video Communications has delivered impressive EPS . May 28,  · Zoom stock popped again on June 6, , after the company’s earnings and guidance topped expectations. It hit an intraday high of .


Zoom stock goes full circle, hovers at pre-pandemic levels.


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Zoom Stock Price Has Surged Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic.Zoom signals an end to pandemic boom times, and the stock is falling – MarketWatch

Yes, shares in Zoom Video soared during the coronavirus crisis. But what’s the outlook for Zoom stock as in-person meetings rebound. Zoom was a pandemic darling but now its stock price is falling back to earth.

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