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Parker Lane. Matthew Harrigan. Tyler Radke. Matthew Niknam. Rishi Jaluria. Ryan Macwilliams. Karl Keirstead. Keith Weiss. Matt VanVliet. Forecast return on equity Is ZM forecast to generate an efficient return? The share price of Zoom Video Communications, Inc.

ZM now. Zoom ZM Forecast for PE Ratio: PEG Ratio: 3. EPS: 4. Trailing PE: Forward PE: EV To Revenue: 4. Shares Outstanding: Number of issued ordinary shares. Zoom price target for by month. Related stocks from Communication services sector. Netflix, Inc. Weibo Corp. Alphabet Inc. DatChat, Inc. Vonage Holdings Corp. I have linked and summarized the risks from this form in the next section on Zoom Investor Relations. Zoom Stock Forecasts should include the Form K which is submitted each year to the Securities and Exchange Commission, like all other publicly traded companies,.

Zoom has an entire website dedicated to its investors and keeps all of its SEC filings in one place. This includes their annual and quarterly reports. When I read a K I tend to focus on the risk factors for the company.

I find this an incredibly important strategy for me in assessing news articles. So rather than summarizing all 98 pages in this Zoom Stock Forecast for , I have summarized key points within the risk factors section. For verbatim quotes from the document , I prefer you read directly from the source. When I assess a stock I tend to summarize all of the risk factors down into three main points.

Once I have established three points I then scan the news for articles that either positively or negatively represent the company under these points.

You can read about my Webull Configuration here. I see a few concerning articles, even as the Zoom Stock thrives from their quarterly result release. So, I also marked a few articles that seem positive for the stock like large companies investing in them. In other words, I see just as many positive articles as I see negative articles about their security, subscriptions, and sales.

Therefore, Zoom might rally higher in the short-term, but I don’t think it will significantly outperform its industry peers or the broader market by Instead, its bubble could pop and the stock’s valuations could cool off to more reasonable levels. If that happens, I might revisit this cult stock to see if it’s a worthy long-term investment.

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