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You’re only limited by your imagination when it comes to Event decorating

From the moment you step into the room at an event, the space’s decor makes an impact, especially if it’s visually stunning. 

Event decoration serves a massive role in making your client’s occasion feel unique and special, especially if you’re going to wow your attendees; whether it’s for a corporate event, a private wedding, or you’re looking towards decorations for a birthday party, it could even be that you have your family coming over and you want to impress them with a lovely, peaceful and well decorated holiday!

Whatever the case may be, event decorations let you customize your occasion to reflect the personality, and you most definitely want to jazz up your event space without breaking the bank.

Let’s be honest with ourselves, not everyone would have extra cash to lavish on beautiful event decors, and if you’re an interior designer, you’d be working with clients who will have various budgets.

Now, does this mean your clients can’t have beautiful event decorations that give the attendees something to talk about if they don’t have the luxury of a large-scale budget?! Most certainly not!

Luckily for us, event decoration all comes down to creativity because basically anything can be used as decor!

Don’t think it’s possible? Just follow our tips on how you can still pack a punch and turn your event into veritable bliss while also generating a favorable emotional response the moment your attendees step into your event without spending a fortune in 2021.

Stick to the theme

In decorating an event, one of the crucial decisions you’d have to make is the event theme, not just because it gives the event structure but also because it reinforces your event message and helps forge a seamless event experience for everyone involved.

When selecting a theme for an event, it helps to understand your goal with the event. A clear understanding of this would help you decide what kind of vibe you’d like the place to have. For instance, an event for a child’s birthday party would benefit from a touch of playfulness, as shown by these fancy balloon centerpieces.

Whatever theme you choose, make sure you’re consistent with it throughout all event touchpoints.

Choose the right layout

Selecting the right layout would heighten the experience of the event, which is why you must choose one that suits your occasion.

There are so many options available for layout, from cocktail to banquet to boardroom and even more! It all depends on the goal of the event.

For instance, In decorating a corporate event, you want to promote better learning and encourage networking opportunities. The layout will either help or hinder this, especially for seated meals where the table is one of the most vital decor aspects.

It needs to look great and be functional in keeping up with the event theme because it will not go unnoticed by the attendees.
Setting the table isn’t complicated, and all you need is a theme and some centerpieces to make it look attractive. If you ever run out of ideas to create stunning table displays, you can always check here.

Add some expert lighting

No matter how beautifully designed your event space is, if the lighting is not used correctly, it’s not going to pack a punch and would elicit a negative response from the audience 

As well as the décor, lighting helps create the right atmosphere at any event and can make or break your event experience.

Well-positioned lights can create ambiance at your event, allowing you to get more impact from other items like the decor and other floral arrangements.

Uplighting is an incredible way to create an atmosphere at your event and to prevent rooms from looking bland, or if you’re looking for a cool way to grab your guest’s attention, you might want to consider creating a light show.

Make it tantalizing with food displays

Most designers tend to push away catering from the event’s buzz to avoid distracting from the decor or flow because they could take up a lot of space.

But removing catering from an event is almost not an option because your guests need food. 

Rather than tucking the buffet table away in the corner, make it a centerpiece!

Food structures pull attention; they make food part of the fun and are also social-media-worthy, creating abundant photo opportunities for the guests.

The right color is the key to immersive event experiences.

You most often, probably go by instinct whether you’re decorating an anniversary party color scheme, fine-tuning intricate wedding color varieties, or checking for hues to make your events pop, 

Some color choices might ‘feel’ right for a particular event, while others would ‘feel’ wrong.

While our intuition is a valuable starting point for selecting the right color scheme, there are other essential things to know about event palettes.

Color choices can elicit certain moods and responses from guests and influence the perception of event spaces. they can aid (or undermine) the themes and goals of your events

You can make an event feel more expansive or cozy with light colors—think whites, pale tints, and creams.

You can use colors that pop to make

event centerpieces stand out; highlight a registration tent or even the buffet tables.

Colors integrated with lighting fine-tune an event’s energy and mood.

In conclusion….

Event decorating is one of the most sensational parts of being a designer. You have a rare opportunity to bring in your ingenuity and add a creative spin that’s unique to only you.

There are enormous ideas and no wrong answers when it comes to the concept of design, as long as the event decoration works for you and your client. We hope these give you the edge you need to transform your next event and make it a more remarkable experience.

Do you have an idea of the gorgeous party you want to throw but don’t know how to bring that idea to life?

Let us take the stress of decorating off your shoulders with a beautifully themed party designed with you in mind.

Our team of experienced Interior designers at Brilliant Staging apply creative and technical solutions to achieve optimal interior environments that are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

We want to help make your event unique and memorable. We have an entire crew dedicated to preparing for your event, be it big or small. Give us a call if you have any questions.


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