The home of your dreams, instantly.

Move into a fully furnished and newly decorated home.

When you get the Instant Home service, we furnish the home head to toe before you move in. This service relieves you of the duties of furnishing a new home. We design, shop, and decorate every home with the client’s needs in mind.

The Instant Home service is a wonderful tool for people who wish to have a move-in ready home with minimal stress. You can look at instant home similar to home staging, except you get to keep everything. It is a luxury tool for people who don’t have time or the desire to design, shop, furnish, and decorate their homes. You give us a budget. We do the designing and shopping. Then we come in with our crew of trained professionals to fully furnish and decorate your home. You come home to a gorgeous luxury designed home and enjoy.

What kind of client are you?

The client could be as involved or uninvolved as the client wishes. Our personalized design services address each client’s needs.

Hands-off? Hands-on?
Some clients want the designer to choose and design everything. They wish to set a budget, check-in for approvals and go.
Some want to shop on their own and get the designer’s feedback. They want to be involved in choosing each detail.