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How to Sell Houses Faster with Brilliant Home Staging and Social Media

There are several ways to sell a house. Most sellers call a real estate agent who lists and markets the home. The agent will list the house on the multiple listing services or MLS. There will be open houses and showings of the home. The agent might prepare the home for sale, advertise it, and negotiate a price for the seller. The agent will get as many people to see the house and gather as many offers as possible.

Unfortunately, real estate agents are still not using home staging when selling a home. There are even realtors that do not use the Internet to sell a house. The results for the homeowner can be devastating as a house sits on the market. The price drastically goes down because no one has viewed it.

Today a successful home sale means you have access to a person that knows how to accurately use social media to benefit the sale of your home. Brilliant Staging & Design is a professional Snohomish and King County staging company. The staging company may even incorporate social media to boost local homes’ views and sales.

Two things to understand in this blog are:

Home Staging is an essential resource for home sales.

Brilliant Staging & Design’s social media expertise will guarantee you better results with your home’s marketing and sales.

Home Staging

When you use home staging, you are taking intentional action that can sell your home at a higher price. You present your home with a more sophisticated style, and you are using education and knowledge that will usually create a great return on investment.

Home staging makes an emotional impact as soon as a potential buyer views it. Home staging uses a proven scientific method that entices buyers.

The house is deep-cleaned professionally beyond what one person can do alone, which is aesthetically pleasing to buyers.

Objects are placed strategically in particular areas that improve the ambiance and drive positive emotions.

Professional lighting and photography implement and enhance specific moods that are confirmed to boost sales buying potential.

living room
$2.6 Million Bellevue Home Staged by Brilliant Staging and Design.

 You will increase the value and sale of a home with staging and design.

  • Sell fast. Save time.
  • Professionally staged houses always sell faster.
  • House will look great for photographs.
  • Professional looking open house.
  • Better represented house.
  • More referrals.
  • Staging & design sells a home on average 40 days faster than not staging.

Brilliant Staging & Design uses Social Media to Promote Staged Homes

The owner of Brilliant Staging & Design (Tanya Nazariya) runs a company, that posts Facebook, Youtube, and social media videos. She offers viewers to come right into the homes via the media. 

The online views increase home sales for sellers faster than traditional, offline sales presentations. 

The social media posts allow MORE people to view MORE houses quicker and easier.
Home staged by Brilliant Staging and Design

Tanya answers the seller’s need to get more home viewers without the need for open houses and time-consuming appointments.

See more information: Preparing House for Sale: Essential Tips for a Fast Sale.

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