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Zoom – logging in on 2 devices – Zoom Community.Join a Teams meeting on a second device

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Save or write this down, as you will need it for your second device. Check that you are host. If you are not, then make sure to log into the Zoom app on your computer. Example URL.

Device two: pretend student Type the Join URL into your browser or the join number into the Zoom app on your second device. If this is your first time using Zoom on this device, you may need to download the Zoom app onto the device.

To avoid audio interference, make sure to select the following settings on your student-view computer: Mute its audio in Zoom Mute its video in Zoom ESSENTIAL – Turn off its computer speaker on desktop or plug a headset into it, otherwise you will get audio interference echoes feedback between your two devices. Support for room remote on Surface Hub is currently in development. Tap Join with room at the bottom of your screen or Join at the top of your screen.

You’ll be joined in the room and on your iPhone at the same time. To prevent an echo effect, Teams will automatically turn off the speaker, camera, and mic on the second device before it enters the meeting.

If you’ve joined a meeting on your laptop, you have the option to join it on your phone at the same time. This can come in handy if, for example, there’s some content on your phone you’d like to share. While you’re in a meeting on one device, open Teams on the second one. If you’ve moved away from a nearby or virtual meeting, you can turn on your speaker, camera, or mic from your companion device to engage in the conversation.

To turn on your speaker, just tap Speaker at the bottom of your screen. To turn on your camera or mic, tap Camera or Mic at the bottom of your screen. Microsoft Teams. Join a Teams meeting on a second device. Microsoft Teams More You can either transfer the meeting to the second device or keep both devices in the meeting.

Transfer a meeting from one device to another While you’re in a meeting on one device, open Teams on the second one the device you want to transfer the meeting to.

From the new device, select Join. Select Transfer to this device. Once you’re in the meeting on the new device, your first device will leave the meeting. Add a second device to a meeting While you’re in a meeting on one device, open Teams on the second one.

From the second device, select Join. Select Add this device. Related articles Join a meeting in Teams Meetings in Teams. You can use your phone as a companion device for both in-person and virtual meetings. Need more help? Expand your skills. Get new features first. Was this information helpful? Yes No. Thank you!



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However, if you have more than one device, then you can join two meetings simultaneously with same ID. That’s to say, that assume I have zoom app on laptop as well as phone, and only a single ID. I log into the zoom app on both devices with same ID, and enter codes for different meetings in each device. It can indicate multiple people at the same time, and is helpful for knowing who is making background noises (e.g. street noise, loud typing, etc.) that is intermittent when someone else is speaking. It also helps me know when I need to mute my mic in these situations. Does Zoom have this functionality? May 09,  · Using 2 Devices in Zoom. Using two devices in Zoom allows hosts to utilize resources on both devices. On your second device, log in and join the same meeting. When both devices are logged in, both devices will display in the participants menu.


Can i have the same zoom account on two devices – can i have the same zoom account on two devices:.Can I use Zoom App on multiple devices?

Bilkent Zoom Classroom Accounts (for teachers to host scheduled classes) How do I sign out of a Zoom Account? Can two teachers use the same classroom? To use multiple devices, an iPad or Desktop must be linked as a new device. Select “Add as New Device” on your iPad to continue. How can I use multiple devices?

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