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3 Reasons Why Staging a Vacant Home is Crucial

A simple way to elevate a home’s potential is through vacant home staging. Home staging means improving your space in preparation for it to go on the market. While you are making many decisions surrounding selling your home and what aspects you want to focus on during the preparation process, it is also essential to consider ways you can showcase the full potential of your home. That can mean adding furniture to empty rooms, finding decorations that brighten dull corners, and general touch-ups that will play a role in creating a connection that a potential buyer will have with the property.

According to 2021 reports, vacant real estate staging increased the potential for emotional connection and the selling speed of homes and maximized the selling price. By keeping up with trends and understanding the online market and statistics, we can make sure you make the most of your space! Creating a stage and tone for your buyer and understanding the benefits of home staging is a great place to start.

What is the importance of staging a vacant home?

1. Visuals Make All The Difference

A buyer on the market for a house will scan many homes before choosing which one they connect with the most. First impressions mean a lot, especially to someone on the market for their forever home. You might only have a short amount of time to catch their attention and make that great first impression. However, doing so is crucial to inspire their interest in your space. Many different factors will impact the selling speed of your home; however, one thing that is crucial in today’s market is focusing on visuals.

Staging a vacant home creates a story and will help the buyer visualize what their future will look like in a specific house and increase emotional connection.

Most buyers start their search for homes online, meaning the visuals should be eye-catching, memorable, and up-to-date. Adding furniture and accents also tends to make empty spaces look bigger, gives the ability for buyers to have a reference for their furniture, and prioritizes the positive of the home over the negative. Flaws are less noticeable to the buyer and tend not to matter as much when the house is nicely furnished, giving light to the stronger features that your home offers. They can already see themselves moving into the home and have less chance of backing out due to unfavorable characteristics or other options on the market. Additionally, adding visuals is an easy way to update your space according to current trends. Even if some areas of your home are outdated or a little awkward, staging can bring trends, colors, and life back into the space, as well as functionality.

It is all about the visual effect and your impression on the buyer when they come across your listing. You want their interest and undivided attention in your home!

2. Stand Out From The Competition

You might not have control over the market or competitors; however, you do have control over factors that impact how your home will stand out. You can choose what aspects of the home you want to highlight and bring to the buyer’s attention. In other words, staging unique areas of your home helps bring the buyer’s attention and showcases how your space stands out from the competition. This may be beautiful architecture throughout the house, notable designs and materials, or upgrades you have done to your space, as well as setting the right tone for the buyers to feel like the home are ready for move-in. 

You can scroll through different platforms with houses on the market in your area and compare unstaged vacant home listings with staged ones to better visualize the difference a staged home can make. We also suggest you check out our gallery to view examples of before and after photos and the effect that unoccupied home staging has on the presentation of your space.  

Most people start their search online, so it is important to understand techniques to maximize your online presence amongst competitors. Unstaged vacant homes in Seattle do not perform as well in photos as staged homes- failing to captivate the viewer at first glance- and tend to sell for lower prices compared to those of competitors.

3. It Saves Resources In The Long Run

It has been reported that staging a vacant home in Seattle shortens the time the home is on the market because buyers are more willing to put an offer on a house they have a connection with and are eager to make sure that no one else snags it first. The longer a house stays on the market, the more it decreases in value every week, resulting in the loss of profit on the listing. Buyers are more likely to request in-person tours if they like what they see online first, so it is crucial to maximizing the potential of the photo listings. You don’t usually get a second chance to make a powerful, positive first impression, so it is vital that you grab the home buyer’s attention the first chance you get.

 It is crucial to fully utilize the space to show off its full potential and attract the most buyers. You can make the most of staging your vacant space by prioritizing some areas over others. For instance, studies found that living room staging was the most crucial for buyers, followed by the master bedroom and kitchen staging- which are areas of the home that have the first chance to captivate and tend to have the highest traffic. 

Staging is not limited to bringing in new furniture; it can also be strategically placed decoration, adjusting the lighting, decluttering, or even just moving existing furniture around. Occupied home staging- unlike vacant staging- is where you utilize your furnishings and let professionals make decisions surrounding their placement, saving you time and resources!


Staging a vacant home increases its selling potential by showing off to buyers the full potential of every space. It also allows buyers to visualize the memories they will make in your space, increasing the emotional connection and prompting them to make an offer for your home. A professional will come in and estimate how you can maximize the profit of your home without you having to stress, making this service a worthy investment.

There are several advantages to consider when determining whether or not to stage your unoccupied home before it goes on the market. Why not put in the extra effort when you know the outcome will be worth it? With Brilliant Home Staging, not only will the buyers see your space at its full potential and fall in love with it, but you will too!

At Brilliant Staging and Design, we have a team of professionals who work together to transform your Seattle vacant house into a gorgeous, functional and inviting home that you and potential buyers will adore. Book a vacant staging consultation today to learn more about how Brilliant Home Staging can help you get your King county or Snohomish County home noticed and sold for maximum profit and in the least amount of time.

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