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Interior Design is Not Just for the Wealthy!

Many people think of interior design as something that is only for the wealthy and famous. It may be a pleasant surprise to learn that interior design services are available to everyone and that they can provide a wide range of benefits. At Brilliant Staging and Design, we offer interior design services to clients in Snohomish County, King County, and the surrounding areas. We believe everyone deserves access to high-quality interior design services, and our team is dedicated to providing the best possible quality and service.

What is interior design?

Interior design services are comprehensive services that help you to plan, design, furnish, and decorate your home. An interior designer comes in to evaluate your home and consult with you to determine your unique needs and wants, creating a custom plan for your home. This plan will take into account the specific dimensions of your home, as well as your personal style with preferences that fit your lifestyle. Once the plan is complete, the interior designer will help you select furniture, fixtures, accessories, and other finishing touches that will elevate your home and bring your vision to life.

Interior design services are all about creating a space that is both functional and visually appealing. An interior designer will take into account your specific needs and desires and then create and carry out a plan that meets those needs. This plan will include everything from the room’s layout, furniture, fixtures, accents, and accessories you choose- to color and fabric preferences.

Benefits of Interior Design

There are numerous reasons why you may need interior design services. Perhaps you are moving into a new home and want help making it feel like your own. Or maybe you are planning to sell your home and want to make it as appealing as possible to potential buyers. Interior design services can help you achieve any number of goals, including increasing the value of your home, improving its comfort, or simply making it more stylish. Interior design can also be a great way to refresh your home if you are tired of how it looks and feels and are ready for a change. No matter what your reason for seeking interior design services is, Brilliant Staging and Design will be able to help you create the home of your dreams.

There are numerous benefits to interior design, such as:

– Improved functionality: A well-designed space will be functional and efficient. This is most essential in smaller spaces where every square inch counts.

– Increased resale value: If you’re planning on selling your home in the future, interior design can help increase its resale value and present your home in its best light, accentuating its positive features.

– Enhanced enjoyment: A beautiful and well-designed home is a joy to live in. interior design can help restore your comfort and make you love coming home again.

What services are included in Interior Design?

Interior design services can enhance the enjoyment you get from your home and increase its perceived value. At Brilliant Staging & Design, we offer a variety of interior design services to suit your needs and budget. We help you with everything from selecting custom furniture to choosing the perfect paint color.

At Brilliant staging and design, our goal is to create a space that reflects your unique style and personality. Whether that means choosing the perfect hues for a room or placing accents in the appropriate areas, we will work with you to create a space you love.

Our interior design services include:

– Consultation: We will personally meet with you to discuss your vision for your space and develop a plan to make it a reality.

– Style and Personality Reflection: We’ll help you choose colors, furniture, and accessories that reflect your style and make you feel comfortable at home.

– Color consultations: We help you choose paint colors that will create the vibe you wish to radiate and select colors that will create depth and beautify the interior of your home. Choosing the right colors will help bring the whole room together by blending well with your furnishings, trim, and fixtures for a more harmonious appearance.

– Space Planning: We’ll help you maximize your space and create a floor plan that flows, considering high-traffic areas and specific areas’ functions.

– Lighting Design: We’ll help you choose the right lighting to brighten up your space and create the perfect ambiance in your home.

– Furniture Selection: We’ll help you select furniture that is both stylish and functional. Together we will pick pieces that fit well in your particular space according to size, color, fabric, style, and the purpose you want them to serve.

– Custom Window Treatments: We’ll help you choose the perfect window treatments that compliment and complete your space.

– Accessorizing: We’ll help you choose accessories that complete your space and reflect your style.


 Brilliant staging and design is a full-service interior design company with experienced and gifted interior designers who are eager to help you with all your interior design needs. We specialize in creating beautiful, functional spaces that reflect your unique style and individuality. Whether you need help with redesigning a single room or your entire home, need help making your home stand out on the market, or just want to refresh the appearance, we can create a custom interior design plan that will transform your home into something you’ll love.

Benefits of working with an Interior Designer

Here are just a handful of the endless advantages of hiring an interior designer:

– Interior designers are well connected and have access to resources that most people don’t. This means that they can help you find the perfect furniture, flooring, and accessories for your home. They can also provide recommendations for contractors for jobs like painting, flooring, cleaning, and other handy services that may be required to bring your home up to par.

– Interior designers deliver the latest trends. Styles and trends evolve all the time- they will guide you to picking innovative and trendy furnishings, fixtures, and even appliances. Your property will look fresh and have a wow factor, thanks to the guidance of a designer.

– Interior designers know how to use space effectively. They can help you make the most of your square footage, whether you have a small home or a large one. They can help turn an awkward corner into a fully functional one, utilizing all the space your home offers.

– Interior designers can save you time and money. They can help you avoid making costly mistakes and can help you find discounts and helpful resources for items that you need for your home. You can save time with an interior designer by allowing them to carry out the plans for the remodeling or redecorating process- without any setbacks. So you can focus your time and energy on other important things.


Whether you need assistance with a minor project or a complete home makeover, we’re here to help! Interior design for homeowners has never been so close within reach as it is now! If you’re ready to take your Pacific Northwest home to the next level, contact Brilliant Staging and Design today to schedule a consultation. We are happy to resolve any concerns and answer any questions you may have as we provide guidance through the process of transforming your home and bringing your vision to life!

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