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Brilliant Staging and Design Helps a Local Vietnam Veteran Stroke Victim

Sergeant Harris is an 83-year-old Vietnam Marine Veteran who suffered a stroke around Christmas time.

He served our country as an E8 First Sergeant. He now lives alone with his little dog in an old run-down 70’s double-wide trailer.

Brilliant Staging and Design Vietnam Marine Veteran
E8 First Sergeant Harris

Before his stroke, Harris began to tear out his 30-year-old filthy carpets in hopes of placing laminate flooring down.

While in the hospital, and away from his dog, who was left alone, defecated all over the floor. 

Harris now doesn’t have the physical ability to finish his flooring project and has been living in this condition.

Since his stroke, he now spends a lot of time at home. Most of his appliances don’t work, his furnace is broken, and his bathrooms are original 70s, leaking, dirty, and falling apart. His mattress is dirty, old, and falling through.

Harris is an extremely kind, respectful human who loves his country and loves his dog. 

His story touched our hearts, and we have taken it upon ourselves to help get his home feeling like home. 

Has the winter weather given you the feeling of being locked up?

Do you feel like you need to do something?

Most times, after the holidays, people feel alone, or out of touch with the outside world. The only way to feel better is by extending the gift of giving. The only way for you to feel like you make a difference is by reaching out because we all know that giving love is the way to receive love. 

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We want to make Sergeant Harris’ home a place he can feel comfortable and enjoy relaxing in.

After what this man did for our country, it’s the least we can do!

Everything in the home needs to go! The floors, the cabinets, the walls are made of cheap faux paneling. All the appliances need to go, new finishes, new fixtures, new furniture, etc.

We Are accepting donations of building materials, labor, and finally cash to cover costs for things that are not donated. Please feel free to reach out for more information. 

Support Tanya Nazariya, Seattle’s best home staging expert, in her mission to make a difference by changing one man’s life. Tanya owns Brilliant Home Staging & Design.

Be part of the progress, updates and how this story unfolds when Tanya from Brilliant Staging & Design opened her heart. See what your small or large donation is doing to change a life.

Donate here!

This is where YOU make the difference by donating at the link below.

Military Veteran Charity Home Rehab Project

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We Are In The News!

Excited and honored to be mentioned by Woodinville Weekly for our fundraising project!

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