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Real Estate Brokers Win Clients with Home Staging

Hi Everybody. Happy New Year! I hope all your holidays were bright and full of cheer. Now that the holidays have come and gone, it is time to get serious about fulfilling goals, winning clients with home staging, and selling houses.

I am continuing my blog series dedicated to real estate agents so that you and I can work together to provide Northwest Washington and Seattle’s greatest partners composed of Seattle real estate brokers and the home staging team at Brilliant Staging and Design.

Brilliant Home Staging and Design Team

Real estate agents are always learning new ways to win clients. You want to win a client and sell their house, but you also want to sell their house for the most money and make a profit for you and the seller. I will teach you how to market your home for sale.

Real Estate agents have to calculate every strategic move to sell a home. They need to know how to sell themselves to the buyer and seller before selling the property.

Now, with the booming Internet and fast, global communication plus advertising, a good real estate agent must know how to market the house and make it look like Better Homes and Gardens. It’s the real estate agent that went out of their way to make an ordinary house sparkle that will win the deal. Property presentation is a must for an agent and you need home staging to do it.

In my intro blog to this series, I went over the five milestones that we will explore, and when you follow these steps, they will lead you to the sales of many houses.

The first and what I consider an important milestone is to win the client with proper staging.

Are you wondering why a house has sat too long on the market? Have you as a realtor tried to stage a home, and it didn’t work? Does a realtor or a seller have time to redecorate an unsightly home by guessing what might work? Sometimes a realtor might have advised the seller, but the seller won’t budge. 

The solution to this priority is to market and advertise. Sometimes the seller or realtor does not have the modern experience to consult with the professionals who identify what makes people buy houses and the psychology that goes behind a potential purchase after only viewing the house quickly in a picture. 

Why you will win clients with proper home staging and design.

  • Sell fast. Save time.
  • Professionally staged house.
  • House will look great for photographs.
  • Professional looking open house.
  • Better represented house
  • More referrals
  • Respect from your clients

Yes, real estate agents know how to sell houses to people face to face, but some lack time to learn how to actually “market or photograph” the house for online viewing. A qualified home stager only understands this crucial information. The best choice is to call Brilliant Staging & Design.

Learn the difference between a professional home staging and designer as opposed to those still without experience. I will show you these essential variations, so you always make the best choice with your staging and design team, have a keen eye for a professional photographer, know how to prepare a home, advertise and sell, sell, sell.

Winning clients through proper advertising will have newer real estate agents wondering what you are doing to make your houses online look so professional and magnificent. While some real estate agents still don’t even have a marketing plan, you will have one that works.

I go into even more detail on my podcast on Spotify (Free for three months!) or and about how to win your client and sell your house with Brilliant Staging & Design. Whether you are in the Real Estate profession, interior design, or even decorating, Brilliant Staging can help you grow and excel. I have a passion for harnessing the power of forward-thinking and trend-casting in the staging industry that is cutting edge. Designed for the modern time, check out the Brilliant Staging Podcast. (

Please stay tuned for my upcoming blog in the real estate agent series. I will focus on the second milestone for realtor success by diving into how you will achieve victory with client consultations.

You are more than welcome to send me a message on Facebook or Instagram. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for help. I can send you statistics on how agents have become the leaders in sales because they use Brilliant Staging and design. I will help you with anything you need regarding staging.

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I look forward to hearing from you!

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