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How To Win Real Estate Clients with Brilliant Home Staging and Design

In the next few weeks, I will be doing a whole blog campaign for real estate agents who need assistance with home staging and winning clients. I have listed the strategies you need to get clients, plus what you can do to increase real estate sales.

If you are a real estate agent, you have to invent ways to win clients consistently. I realize this is your bread and butter, and it is your primary journey to find a way to sell more houses.

Do you recognize these problems that need solutions?

  • Has the home been sitting on the market for too long?
  • Is your client trying to do it themselves or they hired a stager that isn’t working?
  • Do you have a client that doesn’t understand how staging works?
  • Are you a realtor that is too busy to deal with staging?
  • Are you selling an ugly house? OR is the home occupied and has tacky furniture or cluttered, out-dated decorations?
  • Does your client listen to you?

These questions are so important because a phone call to Brilliant Staging & Design will give you the tools to make sure these problems do not hold up the sale of the house.

Home staging must be part of the marketing service realtor plan through a professional stager or use of home staging as a product.

I will be covering why you need home staging to win a client. Then, I will show you five milestones that will help you to understand the journey we will take until you arrive at attracting clients to you.

Each blog will have material on how to escape problems that arise during the selling of a house. 

My unique staging and design system will be featured throughout each blog. Also, I will be going over the five milestones for staging and design for real estate agents.

These milestones include the following:

  1. Win Clients – Why you will win clients with proper home staging and design.
  • Sell fast. Save time.
  • It is done professionally.
  • House will look great for photographs.
  • Professional looking open house.
  • Better represented house
  • More referrals
  • Respect from your clients

       2. Client Consultation with Brilliant Design or Sales agent representative includes

  • Walkthrough home with the client
  • Declutter
  • Depersonalize- (photos, religion)
  • Remove, re-organize furniture
  • Small improvements include new paint, carpets
  • Follow up with clients. educate clients on the importance of staging
  • Need to determine the price of the listing price- Does the client want top dollar or a quicker, inexpensive sell?
  • House has to be professionally cleaned
  • Schedule dates for photography and staging
  • Follow the clear, concise plan

     3. Prepare Home for Staging

The client uses the strategic plan (created by client and realtor) to prepare to stage the home. A Realtor can inspire the client towards action.

  • Educate the client on the importance of staging
  • Follow up with client regularly
  • Answer all client’s questions – Why client has to declutter, Why client needs to remove religious decor.
  • Fix repairs, declutter, depersonalize
  • Prepare a schedule for daily planned work items for both the realtor and client with regular follow-up.
  • Items, lists for what is exactly needed for staging
  • Schedule goal or target date for the day house is marketed
  • Schedule goal or set a date for when the home is listed on the market

      4. Professional Photography and video

Home staging for real estate requires professional photography. Professional photography is the most important step when selling your home. If you do not have professional photos online, no one is going to look or even think about your house as an option to buy. 

   5. Real Estate Marketing

It is crucial to use social media, email, referral marking, and posting on websites. You have to have a marketing process, and it needs to be up-to-date and follow Internet trends. It would be best if you had professional photography.

The process of marketing staged houses will be more comfortable if the agent pays for half of or all of the staging. Clients do not understand the involvement or pricing or why it’s necessary. With my precise plan, you won’t have to fight clients in decisions that could make or break the sale.

I will also add a four-step process for strategic staging that curves the confusion into a stable, orderly structure.

  1. Professional cleaning
  2. Staging
  3. Photography
  4. On the market

Let’s get excited to join designers and agents together to build Seattle’s best real estate and home staging team. Join me on Facebook, Instagram, and on my Brilliant Staging & Design webpage for more!

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