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Brilliant Staging & Design Launches Instant Home Service

Brilliant Staging & Design (BSD), a prominent name in the home interior design industry, is excited to announce the launch of its latest service, “Instant Home.” This innovative offering combines the best aspects of home staging and interior design, delivering a comprehensive and accelerated transformation for property owners.

In response to the growing demand for more holistic home staging and decoration solutions, BSD has introduced Instant Home. This streamlined service is designed to save clients time, effort, and money by seamlessly integrating the design, furnishing, and staging of homes within an expedited timeframe.

The Instant Home service encompasses meticulously crafted stages to ensure a flawless process. It commences with an initial consultation where client preferences, budget, and timeline are discussed. The subsequent phases include a customized project cost analysis, space planning with professional measurement, and the creation of potential room layouts.

Further steps involve curating furniture, accents, and accessories that align with the approved layout and budget. BSD’s well-established vendor relationships enable efficient sourcing and storage of chosen items, sparing clients the stress of managing shipments and warehousing. The service culminates in the delivery, assembly, and arrangement of furnishings, accompanied by artwork hanging and meticulous decoration.

Tanya Nazariya, CEO and founder of BSD expressed her excitement about the new service. “Our clients increasingly sought more comprehensive solutions, and Instant Home emerged as the answer,” said Nazariya. “This service meets our clients’ demands and elevates their experience. They walk into a fully designed and furnished space, instantly realizing their home’s true potential.”

The streamlined process saves clients time, from eliminating the need for shopping and furniture assembly to entrusting BSD’s team of experts to handle every detail. “Our clients’ overwhelming response to this all-inclusive package validates our approach,” added Nazariya.

Instant Home finds applications in preparing properties for sale, readying investment properties for potential buyers or tenants, and showcasing a space’s possibilities. BSD’s adept team of designers leverages years of experience in space planning, color coordination, and furniture selection to ensure a swift and seamless home transformation.

To introduce Instant Home, BSD has launched a revamped website featuring a dedicated section detailing the service’s steps and benefits. As demand for the service grows, BSD has expanded its team of designers and is aligned with its strategic expansion plan. Plans include acquiring a warehouse, diversifying clientele, and positioning Instant Home as the flagship service.

In tandem with the launch of Instant Home, BSD is gearing up for the unveiling of Brilliant Home, an e-commerce store set to supply furniture and accessories for all its projects.

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