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toly and tanya nazariya

Military Veteran Charity Home Rehab Project

In a heartwarming display of kindness and compassion, a police officer in a small town near Seattle went above and beyond the call of duty to help Lewis Harris, a retired Marine Corps veteran living in deplorable conditions. Local police officer Toly Nazariya was on patrol when he was dispatched to a call regarding an elderly person who couldn’t find their way home. Officer Nazariya escorted this man to his home, learning that Mr. Harris was a Vietnam War veteran who had recently suffered a stroke. Officer Nazariya noticed that the man was living in a rundown house in dire need of repair. Nazariya knew he couldn’t simply turn a blind eye to the man’s situation. 

military veteran

As a police officer, he was committed to serving and protecting his community, helping those most vulnerable and in need of assistance. Unable to ignore the situation, Officer Nazariya decided to take matters into his own hands and enlisted the help of his wife, Tanya, to give the man’s home a much-needed makeover. 

After discussing the situation with his wife, who is an interior designer, Officer Nazariya hatched a plan to help Harris. He convinced his wife to come to the house with him and see how they could help improve the living conditions. Together, the couple transformed the home from a rundown and unlivable space into a comfortable and welcoming home. The transformation was nothing short of remarkable.


The veteran, who was previously living in isolation and poverty, now has a renewed sense of hope and purpose. The story of Officer Nazariya and his wife’s act of kindness quickly spread across social media and was picked up by local news sources. 

People from all over the country were touched by the couple’s selfless act and praised them for going above and beyond to help a member of their community in need. The story of Officer Nazariya and his wife’s act of kindness is a testament to the power of compassion and community. It shows that even small acts of kindness can profoundly impact the lives of those around us, especially those most vulnerable and in need of help. 

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And it serves as a reminder that, no matter how busy our lives may be, we should always take the time to look out for our neighbors and lend a helping hand whenever we can. In a world that can sometimes feel harsh and uncaring, the actions of Tanya and Officer Nazariya offer hope and inspiration. They remind us that there is still goodness and compassion in this world and that we all have the power to make a difference in the lives of those around us.

Officer Nazariya’s actions have inspired many and touched people’s hearts nationwide. The coverage of their story by King 5, Spectracf, Amomama, and Woodinville City Council has helped to spread awareness of his actions and to highlight the importance of helping those in need. We hope this coverage will inspire others to follow in their footsteps and encourage them to make a difference in their communities.


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