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While we look forward to enjoying the cool breeze and sunshine of the summer season, giving your home an interior design and a fresh look as part of your summer plans won’t be a bad idea.

No Matter where you live, we are all confronted with the difficult decision of decorating our homes. However, you can easily transit from spring mood to warm and cozy summer home design with proper planning.

What drives trends in interior design?

Interior design trends, just like fashion trends, are based on current events and culture. Trends vary from place to place and are repeated in cycles. Various influences determine what’s in/out.

Many factors such as advances in technology and other innovations, fashion trends, available materials, the economy, and lifestyle changes drive the current trend in interior design.

We can talk extensively about trends, but it is essential to create a space that is not only beautiful but functional too. Therefore, before you jump in any direction, it is vital to figure out your design style that suits your personality and lifestyle.  

One of the most popular design styles in the world today is the Transitional design. The design style is a blend of traditional elegance with contemporary lines and textiles. Transitional interiors keep accessories to a minimum and let the furniture and the textiles do the talking. 

 Area rugs, throw pillows, blankets are the significant accessories, and curved furniture and finishes like wood, rattan, steel, and lacquer are common signs.


When it comes to interior design styles that have stood the test of time, the traditional interior design stands out. 

Traditional interiors use tables and chairs made from a dark wood that is ornately detailed. Drawing inspiration from 18th & 19th Century England and France, it is common to find expensive textiles like silk, velvet, and linen used everywhere, from upholstery to window treatments in the traditional design.

European décor heavily influences traditional interiors. Most traditional homes have a very neutral color palette with oil paintings or floral arrangements.

Unique patterns in this design style include; damask, florals, stripes, and plaids. Traditional homes also like to bring in the sense of glam with crystal chandeliers.


Seattle interior color trend 2021

We often hear the term “modern” design, but what does it mean? Modern interior design refers to a static style that came on the radar in the early to mid 20th century. As a result, it shares a lot of similarities with contemporary design. Although similar, modern style allows much less flexibility than contemporary design. 

Today’s modern design is a mix of Scandinavian, mid-century modern, and post-modern design. You will often see modern style characterized by clean lines with smooth and sleek surface furniture. 

Brilliant Staging interior designers in Seattle achieve their modern style using various materials like chrome and glass, bold and colorful art accents, and more neutral furniture tones to achieve a modern design.


Contemporary interior design takes its cues from whatever is popular at the current time. It is a dynamic design style that changes with the current trends, so today’s contemporary design may look very different from contemporary design 50 years from now.

Contemporary interior design is a sleek and simple space. It uses detailed moldings on walls and windows and open layouts.

Like modern design furniture, contemporary uses a mix of metal and glass for its light-reflecting properties. In addition, you’ll find that neutral color palettes are a common feature of contemporary design. Contemporary designs are always evolving with time.

Check out the examples of characteristics to look for when identifying contemporary furniture:

  • Splashes of vivid accent color, perhaps in throw pillows or wall art
  • Hard edges and gentle curves, such as in our Fleming Accent Chair
  • Combine natural materials, including wood, glass, and stainless steel like our _____.
  • Minimal ornamentation, such as the Duvel Leaner Mirror, which offers a minimalist design with subtle, floral accents within the distressed cross bars.
  • Solid fabrics, or very modest geometric patterns


This design style is the newest in the world of home design. It shares similarities with contemporary design in terms of uncomplicated forms, clean lines, and simple finishes. The minimalist decorating style is inspired by Japanese design and concentrates on the principle that less is more. 

Minimalist design is well known for creating space!


Bohemian design is a free-spirited aesthetic that mixes different cultures and artistic expressions into an eclectic style that thinks outside the box. A low-key boho atmosphere emphasizes nature.

Mixed patterns and colors characterize the bohemian design. It is common to find bold patterns and bright colors for furniture and accents in a Bohemian decorated space.

Tips:  There are other design styles (shabby chic, coastal home design, modern farmhouse design, Hollywood glam, eclectic home design), and It is essential to know that your style can be a combination of two or more styles. 

Taking interior design style quizzes can help you pinpoint a personal style, and sometimes, it has no name!

If you need more personalized interior design, online interior design services can transform your home today.


There is something special about the summer season. The cool breezy fabrics, bold color palette, and natural fiber associated with the season make it feel like you are bringing sunshine into your living space.

You don’t have to completely redesign your home, you can incorporate the summery feel into your already existing home decor.

Neutral colors seem to be replacing beige as the color of choice. Using neutral colors makes it easy to re-accessories your as the season changes. 

Want to spice a room up with a splash of color? Try adding accents of Saffron as blue is one of the top-voted color trends for 2021.

Putting a pop of blue will give your space that summery vibe of sky and beach.

A suitable color theme can change the view of the room. Whether your space Is small or big, choosing the right color is important because the color of your area sets the tone of your environment.

💡Light Bulb

Lighting up your space is another way of making your room look bright and pleasing to the eyes this summer. The right light arrangement will not only look nice and cozy but also give a theme to your space. 

One of the best designs for summer is allowing natural light into your space. You can control the amount of light by keeping your windows open or using sheer curtains.

Using a warm fuzzy bulb can also imitate the feel of daylight so that your space is always bright, even at night. One big home decor statement in the 2021 summer trend is the popularity of bold statement pieces.

When it comes to summer design, adding plants to your space is a timeless trend. Incorporating plants and flowers in your summer decor creates a calming effect of fresh air. It is advisable to go for natural plants, but you can opt for the faux plant if you are not calling out for plant parenting.

A beautiful flower can serve as a focal piece on your coffee table during the summer season. 

One budget-friendly way to decorate your home for summer can be with beautiful wall decorations. These can include wall paintings, mirrors, artistic and even customized wall clocks. You can even get wall hangings for your wall with color combinations complementing your curtains.

Light, airy fabrics are usually associated with summer. Instead, use more pieces made from materials like linen and cotton. Trends will come and go, but adding a touch of your personality to your space is the best trend in home decor. 

Truthfully, it can be a bit nerve-wracking decorating your home while keeping up with your busy schedules, but planning will save you time and give you ample time to plan your budget. In addition, having professional help will save you time and money and help you create a well-designed interior that is aesthetically pleasing to you or your guest without breaking your budget.

Hiring a professional Home designer doesn’t mean you can’t do it by yourself; it means you want to get the most out of your home interior.

If you reside in the Greater Seattle Area, Brilliantstaging will be glad to help you fall in love with your home this summer.

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