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Instant Home By Brilliant Staging & Design

Are You Moving Or Relocating To The Greater Seattle Area? Move Into A Fully-Furnished, Fully-Stocked, Live-In Ready, Instant Home by Brilliant Staging & Design.

Instant Home design for Seattle homes

Instant Home is a perfect solution for those stressed about the hassle of furnishing their new living space.

Whether you just purchased a home or you’re relocating for your dream job with Amazon or Microsoft, moving is stressful. Designing and decorating your home takes time, money, creativity, and tons of patience.

Nothing dampens your spirit more than thinking about the work and resources that go into designing your new home. Especially, if you had set your heart on relishing your new home right away.

Do-It-Yourself decorating is a popular trend, but not everyone has the time, energy, or patients for that.

Hiring a Brilliant Staging & Design interior designer takes the hassles and stress out of moving. 

The Instant Home service by Brilliant Staging & Design is the solution for those who wish to have a move-in-ready home.

What Is Instant Home?

A fully personalized and customized interior design and home staging experience!

Instant Home design for Seattle homes
Instant Home design for Seattle homes

Instant Home service blends home staging and interior design. But unlike home staging, with Instant Home, you get to keep everything. The service is ideal for those who don’t have time or desire to design, shop, furnish, and decorate your home?

We personalize our service to fit your specific needs. Do you know exactly what style and color palette you would like for your home? Or do you need some creative vision for your space? Either way, the interior design team is ready to individualize their service to meet your needs. With your vision as the template, we provide distinct solutions to create a home that is uniquely yours.

With Instant homes you can:

  • Relocate into your perfect home as soon as possible
  • Forgo waiting for under-construction projects to be completed
  • Expect quality and enhanced interior designs
  • Possess flexibility when you move in
  • Take the hassles out of moving
Instant Home design for Seattle homes
Instant Home design for Seattle homes

How Does Instant Home Work?

Our Instant Home service is very comprehensive and involves our entire team. Although the execution of our Instant Home service requires a team effort, you will receive a designated Interior Designer who will manage your project. This designer will be your point of contact from start to finish, but you will always have access to our entire team.

Our comprehensive service consists of 7 phases:

Phase 1- Discovery Consultation:

The Instant Home begins with an Initial Consultation where we discover your needs, budget, timeline, and design style, and much more. You can expect to plan about one hour for this discovery session.

Phase 2- Project Cost Analysis/ Budgeting:

Once we have an understanding of the scope of your project we will create a cost analysis taking into consideration your budget. The cost analysis will give you a clear understanding of how much the project will cost.

Depending on your budget, we will be able to allocate your resources to the most important rooms first, ensuring that the most important and none negotiable needs are met first.

Phase 3- Space Planning

At this point, we know your expectations, your budget, and can start space planning. This consists of taking measurements of your home or the rooms your would like designed and furnished.

Our designers will either come to your physical location and measure the rooms or we can use your home blueprints for measurements.

Phase 4- Full Instant Home Design

Trending Living Room

Once we have your measurements, we can begin designing your home. Our expert designer will give you several sketch room layouts that maximize your space for comfort, style, and functionality.

Phase 5- Selection Of Furniture, Accents, & Accessories

Once you have chosen the design layout that most satisfies you, our team will begin selecting furniture, accents, and accessories that best fit your design style!

Our talented designer will put together a design board to help you visualize how the home décor will look with your core furniture selection.

A design board is a great way to give our clients a clear view of their selections.

Phase 6- Shopping & Product Procurement

Once your items are chosen it’s time to purchase the items and get them to your home on time! Something to consider in this step is today’s global shipping times which have dramatically increased in cost and time since Covid.

The sooner you choose your items, the sooner we can get them into your home. Some items may take longer to receive than others. Our team will clearly communicate ahead of time what to expect.

Phase 7- Execute Plan

The final phase of our Instant Home service is the most difficult one, the setup!

Once we receive your picked furniture items, it’s time to stage and decorate your home. This phase can take anywhere between one day to one week, depending on the scope of your project.

Is Instant Home Right For You?

This service is great for:

  • Those relocating for work
  • Those who purchased a new home
  • Existing home owners in need of a design overhaul
  • Clients that are very busy
  • Clients who don’t wish to be too involved in the design process

Opting for instant home provides you with fully-equipped pre-installed features and finishes, allowing you to start living the life you want as soon as possible.

When you decide to use our instant home service, we oversee all the planning and expenses for you. We take everything off your plate so you can be at rest during what would otherwise have been called a very demanding situation.

If you want the best of both worlds and you’re too busy or you don’t wish to be involved in the design process – an instant home is just right for you. We always tailor the process to your needs and desires.

Check this Before and After Home Staging that will give you insights about Instant Home Services

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