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Increased Online Home-Viewing Activity Due to “These Challenging Times” and Low Mortgage Rates

Spring is the time when people are most likely to shop and buy houses. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, houses are not being viewed as weary home sellers worry about the potential of catching the flu.

Brilliant Staging & Design will be following all government recommendations for social distancing. The following recommendations include online consultations, walk-through, and designing of houses that are vacant. Although our staff is healthy, I am allowing them to stay home to keep everyone safe. We are taking every precaution to keep our families, employees, agents, and you safe and happy.

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Online home viewing

is becoming popular during these uncertain times.

Those of you who are renting furniture for photographs or walk-throughs may not have to pay for an extended time, or if you are forced to keep the furniture longer than planned. Please contact me for details. (425) 212-9113

However, if it’s one thing people love to do, especially when they are stuck inside their homes, is view houses for sale online. Even if people are not even potential buyers, they dream of buying homes, which means they are looking at houses for sale on the Internet. Dreaming then turns these potential buyers into actual buyers.

No one may be physically visiting houses. If you are selling your home, and you did the right thing by having a professional home stager, and made proper use of photography and marketed the house online, then those online views are going to go up. Even if people are not visiting houses, they can’t catch anything over the Internet, phone, or computer. They will, however, call the bank, make offers, and negotiations on your home can begin.

Houses have been sold without buyers,

never setting foot in the house. A buyer that knows precisely what they want plus a seller that uses intention and purpose with their sales will meet in the right place even if they never meet each other.

When you use proper staging and design, you are selling your home with the intention to sell it to a buyer at a higher price. You are selling with a more sophisticated style, and you are using education and knowledge that will return your investment.

Need Help?

Brilliant Staging and Design is Seattle’s dedicated designer to the seller, real estate agent, and buyer to sure to make the home is ready for an optimal sales presentation. No one else has the amount of passion for helping a seller make more money on their home than Brilliant Staging and Design.

  • We fear not the customizing, designing, and proper aesthetic art that goes into what will sell your home to the right buyer.
  • We have the insurmountable technical expertise and design coupled with the knowledge and ability to make your house look so desirable that even in a pandemic, people are going to make offers.
  • We know how to take something not so great and turn it into something magical! That’s what we offer. We are solution seekers and will get your home on the market quickly.

Better than that, we already know that people are searching online for their next dream house. Why not make it your house and call Brilliant Staging and Design now? A FREE consultation is yours when you call and check out

We are now offering virtual design consultations. Using FaceTime, WhatsApp or Skype, we can walk through your home with you and answer any design questions you might have. Make recommendations and help you come up with a design plan. Don’t let anything get in the way of your dream, while we can make it happen right now.

There are plenty of suggestions, tips, advice, and lessons from Seattle’s experts in Home Staging by Brilliant Staging & Design. Call today to start your marketing plan for a successful home staging at (425) 212-9113
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