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5 Brilliant Home Staging Tips for Fast Home Sales

BSD, a staging company from Seattle gives you five home staging tips on how to make the kitchen speak to the buyer in a way that will win them over as soon as they step into the most inviting space in the house.

The kitchen is the focal point of your home. In your kitchen is where all the action happens. Features of a gourmet kitchen are generous workspace, functional kitchen island, and an easy to navigate layout. 

The man living room

The Kitchen

is where the family meets, eats, and hangs out. It is the grandest and most significant selling point of a home.

Food and family represent the heart energy of the house, and it’s the psychology of the Northwestern home-buyer that you will get behind when selling a home fast.

When I talk about the buyer’s psychology, I just want to remind you what that means. You are going for emotion. If you already know your client is a chef, show them the kitchen is a serious place to make food. It’s all in the tips and tricks that work and become a place that the client does not want to leave. Make them want to start cooking!

One of the top 10 features that can sell a home faster, according to Realtor Magazine, is having a gourmet kitchen. Any kitchen can appear to be a gourmet kitchen when staged and designed properly. Brilliant Staging and Design is Washington’s expert when it comes to staging a gourmet kitchen. Call: (425)212-9113 to book your appointment today.

Clear off counters

1.) Put away all knick nacks, small appliances and de-clutter. Store away toasters, blenders, spice bottles, personal pictures. Clear off the refrigerator of all those messy magnets. Put away the dish rack. You really want to show off all of the space the kitchen provides.

Paint cabinets and replace hardware

2.) This is the most inexpensive trick in making an old kitchen look new. Use neutral colors like gray, beige, or white. Replace old hardware nobs for newer, more modern designs that will look like you’ve spent a lot. Replace countertops with inexpensive replacements. It will look like you had a whole new kitchen make-over.

Add color to wake up a drab kitchen

3.) . Don’t forget style and contrast. Less is more. You’ll see in the posted pictures that I added fresh, clean cutting boards that give the kitchen color but not too much. There are brown stone-like bowls with a pear in each of them that have been placed on wicker, woven placemats. With a few green plants in the background, the colors accent each other and make the kitchen big and clean, plus give the desire to sit down and have a snack. A French press also sits out with cups ready to go.

Kitchen Islands and Bars:

  • Be sure to put out place settings, especially if you have an island in the kitchen. People prefer islands and bars in their kitchens that are often a big sell because it adds more living area in the kitchen.
  • The kitchen island/bar is your selling feature.

Update lighting

4.) It is no longer the days of fluorescent lighting. Brighter is better. Updating the fixtures in your kitchen will make such a big difference. Light lifts moods, and we all could use that in our climate. If your buyer’s spirit is lifted when they walk into your house, they will buy the house!

Add a cookbook open on a book holder

5.) Your chef/buyer will love this touch. They will instantly see that this is a gourmet kitchen and it is user-friendly. It will make the design of the kitchen look move-in ready.

Brilliant Staging and Design is the heart and soul of Seattle, Everett, and Northwestern Washington’s Home Staging and Design. Call: (425)212-9113 to book your appointment today.

Stage design for homes can sell a house 40 days faster! Call Brilliant Stage and Design to be sure the sale of your home is fast.

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