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Real Estate Marketing Ideas for a Quicker Sale

I’m going to go over how important it is to market the house on the Internet for a quicker sale. Naturally, the house has to be ready and in perfect order. You should already have your photographs online ready, and even include a drone shot if you want to go above and beyond, which you do as a realtor. I have listed some of the best real estate marketing ideas that will make you shine as a realtor, and sell all your houses quickly, and with a remarkable price tag.

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Tanya Nazariya, “The Mind behind the Design,” is your local and worldwide resource for Brilliant Staging & Design. Tanya is more than open to share her real estate marketing ideas for a quicker sale. The information is free. The benefits of learning from Tanya will be invaluable to you, especially when you receive the check for the purchase of your house, and it is more than expected.
  1. You must have an exciting listing description. There is no point in writing, “It’s a 3-bedroom house.” because they can already see that in the features. Write about the best-selling features.
  2. Be sure to include a video tour of the home, or at least have a cool slideshow with photos. Slideshow presentations can be posted anywhere, including YouTube, which is where you can see my simulcast as an example. Use your best pictures with captivating music.
  3. Put your listing everywhere and anywhere. People live and breathe on social media which includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and a ton of other online media sources with tons of advertising choices and options. Please take advantage of all of them.
  4. It’s essential that you, as a realtor, have your own website to market yourself and your properties. Hiring local advertising agencies is a great idea because they do all of the work for you, and all you have to do is answer your phone, which will be burning up from clients who want that beautifully listed house. Ad agencies know how to generate leads, which will boost your sales exponentially.
  5. Blogging is very necessary, and it’s the way people get and receive information about their homes, property, and neighborhood. Plus, it gives you the advantage of being upfront and personal with people.
  6. Social media is something you have to embrace. You must be there, be present, engage, and correspond. You have to build a following so people will see your listing.
  7. Postcard mailing with the phrase “Just listed.” helps people see your listing quickly. Plus, other potential sellers will see that you are promoting other houses promptly in a direct-investment way, and it impresses them.
  8. Beautiful full color, high-quality listing brochures allow buyers to take them home and look at it. The average person will see 3 to 5 houses in a day, and sometimes the only thing they remember is the flyer, so you need to make a good impression. Feature the most beautiful parts of the home.
  9. Your open house is absolutely a necessity and is your primary way to make connections with people. Be sure to include good smells in the house, as well as snacks and refreshments. 

When you use these ideas for marketing the house that you and the client have worked on to make it aesthetically pleasing and beautiful, you WILL sell the house. You will become a natural and successful real estate broker.

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