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How to Sell More Homes with Professional Home Staging

If you’re going to sell more homes in 2021, just putting up your house for sale and hoping for the best is not the best way to go about it. As homeowners or real estate agents, we have to put in extra efforts to secure a sale, especially in a sluggish real estate market.

For sellers looking to sell more homes—faster, professional home staging has become a popular way to get higher offers for your home and lessen the time it spends on the market; and because most sellers don’t stage their homes before selling, it gives you an edge, thus putting you at an advantage.

But what is home staging anyways? Home Staging is simply preparing your home to appeal to the large pool of potential buyers who will pay the highest possible price. It goes beyond just decorating; it makes your home more appealing so that buyers can imagine themselves in your home.

The tremendous benefits of home staging are not luxuries you can’t afford. In fact, staging your home before you sell it could be one of the most lucrative investments you’ll ever make.

Your potential buyers are not just looking to buy a house—they also want to improve their lifestyle, so you must

Most times, your potential buyers can’t see beyond what’s in front of them. They get immersed in past perceptions, so you must show them what’s possible and make it easy for them to envision their perfect life in your home.

These top tips from us would help you sell your home faster and for a much higher price, no matter your budget. Just sit back, relax and watch the birds as they come flying in. 😌

Declutter your home with a professional home staging team

Two things to take note of — clutter is distracting for your potential buyers because it takes their eyes off your home’s best features; their eyes would be drawn towards your belongings and not the rooms. Secondly, it makes your room look smaller as though it has less space; the rooms themselves would also come across as untidy.

Taking time to declutter your home would boost its appeal because it’s essential for potential buyers to see themselves living in your home, and it has to feel like you don’t live there.

As much as possible, free up as much space as possible, invest in storage, and keep the items you don’t use regularly. You could even get rid of things you no longer use— toys, clothes, and so on. Rope baskets are perfect for keeping items you need but no longer want to see. The more storage space you have, the better.

Remove personal touches

The instant you put your home out for sale in the real estate marketplace, It stops being your home. To stage your home to get higher offers, you need to de-personalize the space, thus making it easy for potential buyers to envision the space as theirs.

The quickest way to go about this is to set a blank canvas. You want the home to look elegant, and as such, it should suggest that the home belongs to the buyer rather than you, the seller.

Get rid of personal items, photos, or anything overtly religious, artwork, or anything else that announces your taste.

Clean, clean, clean like you’ve never cleaned before

A squeaky clean home suggests to buyers that the house is well cared for; you want every square inch looking spick and span, from the corner of your ceilings to the floors and everywhere in between. Plus, a tidy home will feel welcoming.

Ensure your bathrooms sparkle, dust your window, blinds, and clean the inside of your refrigerator. The goal is to make everywhere feel new.

Even if you do nothing else, ensure your home is clean, clutter, and odor-free, and there are no unfinished DIY jobs that make your home come across as needing more maintenance.

Let there be light!

Make your home as attractive as possible by taking advantage of natural lighting. Open all your window blinds; more light in makes your room come across as bigger. Let as much light in as you can when displaying your home.

Add fixtures where necessary. It makes your home appear brighter and inviting.

Overhead lighting used with other fixtures would give your room a warm, ambient feeling

Lighting can make all the difference. A well-lit home comes off as friendly and welcoming—while sub-standard lighting can deflect from even the most desirable home, especially when it comes to selling your home quickly and for a great price.

A little paint goes a long way

A fresh coat of paint for your interiors is an excellent way to make sure your home appeals to prospective buyers. We recommend that you stick to neutral tones because what’s right for you may not be suitable for your buyer. Additionally, outdated colors on the walls can make your home look run down.

Neutral paint colors you can go for are grays, beiges, and whites—while they have stood the test of time, they also reflect light well.

Painting your walls in a neutral color is a relatively inexpensive way to brighten up your pace and make it seem fresh and clean. This step will go a long way.

You may be able to stage your home yourself, especially if you already have a flair for interior design.

But if you lack the artistic flair to make your home attractive, paying for a professional home stager is worth your money.

At Brilliant Staging, we have the required experience to help your property to stand out in the real estate market, especially since the industry can be tricky to get through. Also, if you are looking to sell your place fast,  Working with a professional home stager will help you lessen the time your property spends on the market. Not only will you be selling the place faster, but you will also be selling it for a much higher price.


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