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Why Home Staging Is A Must Even In A Hot Real Estate Market

“OH! Homes are selling faster! This is a seller’s market, so there’s no need to stage my home before listing it up for sale.”

If you’re a homeowner or a real estate agent and this is what you think, then you are wrong. Yes, while you may be more likely to sell your home as it is, there are enormous benefits to having your home staged.

Homes are selling faster even without staging quite alright, but you’ll also agree that not every property sells fast, even in a “hot” market despite the headlines. You’re leaving so much money on the table if you’re not staging your home before listing it.

If you want to get the highest possible profit on every listing, you must make your prospective buyer fall in love with your home, which can only be achieved through professional staging.

We’ve put together this guide to show you the enormous benefits of staging your home; especially in a hot market.

You’ll get higher offers from prospective buyers

The goal with staging is to reduce any perceived negatives and maximize the positives, making it easier for a prospective buyer to visualize your property as a future home. Once they can imagine the home as a future property, they fall in love with it.

What staging does is increase the perceived value of your property, which will not only ensure you stand out from other sellers but will yield higher offers.

A 2021 National Association of Realtors™ study on home staging reported that staging your home could boost your offers by 5%. It might seem like a small number until you realize that 5% of $250 000 is $12 500.

Staged homes create an emotional connection with the buyer and always make it through the inspection process.

Homes go under contract quickly in a hot seller’s market, faster than you can say “Brilliant staging.” However, most of these contracts fall through because the buyers were forced to compromise their wishlist; they were pressured to decide, especially when they were not totally in love with the home. This gives them a reason to back out, especially when a fault is discovered in the inspection report.

Contracts that fall through stain the home because people notice these things. People start wondering if some serious flaw was uncovered because they knew the property was under contract.

Many buyers are more willing to overlook property faults if a home is staged, as reported by the National Association of Realtors® in the 2021 Profile of Home Staging. This is because there is an emotional connection to the home that only staging can make; therefore, prospective buyers are much less likely to back out of the deal or ask for concessions and repairs.

A Staged home attracts prospective buyers online.

According to the NAR, 99% of millennial home buyers start their search for homes online. It has become more popular to search for homes online using real estate websites rather than depending on real estate agents. This means that how you present your home online for buyers is very important!

Staging your home professionally for pictures before listing it for sale would make it more desirable, thus attracting more potential buyers.

Visual cues are persuasive for home buyers, especially when listing your property for sale online. The quality of your home’s images online would directly influence the buying decision of your buyer. Your first impression is the only shot you get, so make it count by giving it your best shot! Because once you’ve piqued buyers’ interest from your online presence, seeing the home staged in real life is all you need to seal the deal.

Professional staging maximizes space and helps buyers feel confident in their purchase.

There’s a widespread misconception that vacant rooms appear bigger when in the real sense of it; clearing out a room makes the room appear a lot smaller. On the other end, having so much oversized furniture would make the room appear cramped.

Now, this is where professional staging comes in! Professional home stagers will bring furniture and accessories that scale with the room. This will give the buyers the impression that the space is larger than it is.

Professional staging also reduces minor renovations or repairs that need to be made and ensures your home looks its best!

To sum it all up, staging transforms your property entirely and makes them look brand new. It highlights your home’s best features and demonstrates the home’s potential. It has a great impact on how buyers perceive your home. The goal with professional staging is to make your home appear move-in ready and help buyers visualize themselves living in it.

Schedule A Home Staging Consultation

You should stage your home as a homeowner or realtor, especially in a hot market. It’s pretty evident that staging is beneficial to both parties involved, no matter where the market stands. It helps you get the most money in lesser time, and your buyer also feels great about their purchase. A win-win for everyone involved!

If you need help staging your home professionally, why not schedule a consultation with us today. Our team of experts at Brilliant Staging and Design would be happy to walk you through the entire process.

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