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The Top 2023 Must-See Interior Design Trends

Thinking about how to update your space with the latest trends in 2023? Check out our design tips that are a sure way to bring out the most of your room’s potential.

Our design taste reflects what’s happening around us, and is ever-evolving. Our most talented interior designers have predicted what trends to expect in the following months.

From sculptural furniture, mixed textures, to new color palettes, you’ll be tempted to try all of these decorating ideas. If you’re serious about giving your home an extreme makeover, then you’re at the right place to get inspired.

Let’s dive in.

Load Up And Mix Up Different Textures

Out of all the interior design trends, texture appeared more often than not, we are seeing textures everywhere right now, and minimalism isn’t far behind. Minimalism, done intentionally, enhances the livability of space despite fewer comforts. 
For a comfy, simplistic layered look, furnish your room with furniture and accessories made of various materials like leather, natural stone, metal, and wood, as well as highly-textured fabrics.
To add visual interest, go for a textured table lamp and a textured vase to add an abstract feel to your home. Textured planters are the perfect home accessory to accent any corner, entryway, or table.
If you are also looking to add natural texture to your walls, get floating shelves around your bedroom and add a few plants. You could also mix and match accent pieces with the plants.

Accent Pieces To Spruce Up Your Living Room

Never underestimate how much accent furniture and accent decor can transform a room. Living, bedroom, or office workspace, all of them need basic furniture, but nothing ties a room together better than accent pieces. They bring character alongside a touch of you to your living space. Your living space can feel timeless and on-trend with something simple as an accent wall or handpainted wall art. It’s spectacular how accent pieces and decorative accessories can significantly impact a room. They are the simplest ways to freshen up or add a new look to any room. When looking for accent pieces, go for accent furniture that goes with your decor and also adds visual interest like an abstract canvas.

Stack Up Bedroom Accent Pillows

A fun and exciting way to experiment with colors and patterns is with pillows. Pillows, used strategically, deliver an artistic display to any room. Pillows are the best way to spruce up your living space. By mixing styles and patterns, you’ll dignify the intrigue to keep the eyes engaged. Don’t be scared to experiment with pillows; play with proportion and shape for a bit.

Pillows keep the entire aesthetic of a room cozy and playful. A fur pillow is an excellent option for a lackluster room, and its texture makes it the best way to achieve an elegant aesthetic outside of shape, color, and other elements. Pillows bring out the subtle design features in a space. For a more cozy feel, pair it with a blanket.

Make A Statement With Sculptural Furniture

We are in the 21st century, and you no longer need to go to a museum to admire sculptures. You don’t need a 6-foot statue in your living room either; you can always make room for small, beautiful pieces of sculptural art.

Sculptural pieces add a distinctive flair to your living space, and no matter the shape or size, sculptural pieces always make a statement, and your living space can never be complete without it. Sculptural pieces add life to a room, they are a unique way to express your personal style, plus they also create a more luxurious look.

When selecting art pieces, make sure to go for sculptural pieces that display something you have a love for. Perhaps you want to inject an energetic vibe into your office, then go for a sculptural piece that motivates or inspires you. Do you love the latest fashion trends? Go for a sculptural piece that reflects your personality. Don’t select an art piece just because it’s trending; the more “you” it expresses, the more you’ll love them. Lastly, whatever you choose, ensure it makes you feel good in your space.

Elevate Your Space with Plants

The possibilities when decorating with plants are endless! Plants enliven any space and also add extra personality and character. When decorating your environment with plants, be creative and have fun with it! Plants aren’t solely for living spaces alone; you might want to recreate the feel of your tropical spa-like getaway; feel free to bring some plants into the loo or your bubble bath at night to feel more zen. Plants add visual interest to any space, and they don’t just serve as decor; they also function as a healthy addition to your home.

If, by chance, you have unused corners in your living space, buy plants that vary in size and fill those unused corners with some lovely plants to transform them into a gorgeous area. 

Once you’ve gotten plants for home, you can also add a touch of whimsy with fun pots and planters. By doing so, you give yourself the best of both worlds, function, and style.

If you don’t like the hassles that come with natural plants, you can use faux plants to create soft focal points around your room. They are relatively easier to care for than natural plants, plus they are one of the fastest ways to transform your space instantly.

You might be surprised to know that they are nearly natural. Not to worry, no one will know your secret; even the birds think they are genuine.

Leave the Logistics to Us

When you finally decide to give your home a serious makeover, there could be so much to do and so many decisions to make at the same time. i.e, who do you hire to do tiling?  What accent pieces will complete each space? All of this can be overwhelming and take the fun out of designing for you, but that’s where an interior designer comes in, a professional interior designer of course!

You don’t have to handle every design task on your own; interior designers are trained to help you bring your vision into a reality, and as such, you’ll save time, money, and resources, giving you the best of both worlds. So, if you want to update your home with the latest trends in interior design, schedule a consultation with our talented Interior Designers, and let’s discuss your needs.

Remember, great interior design doesn’t happen by chance; it’s curated.



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