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Decorating and Staging Trends to Look Forward To in 2023

Two things remain irredeemable—time and a great first impression. Nine times out of ten, you’ll never get a second shot at impressing a potential buyer.

This is why brilliant and top-notch staging cannot be over-emphasized. On-trend decorating has also become a crucial part of the staging process. You don’t have to mirror every trend, but sprucing up your space with stylish, “trending,” new furniture pieces creates intrigue and makes for great photos online- which, more often than not, is the potential buyer’s first impression.

Personal items, clutter, lousy lighting, and cracks in the walls, among many others, can distract buyers from your home’s positive features. At the same time, a few touches of professional staging would make your home look significantly better and enhance its appeal.  Often, you get higher prices for your property and a faster sale.

When it comes to exceptional staging and interior decoration, no one does it better than Brilliant Staging and Design. We’ve canvassed our expert designers to predict the decorating and staging trends to look forward to in 2023, and they did not disappoint in giving us Instagram-worthy looks you won’t hesitate to recreate in your home.

Read on for our top picks on decorating and staging trends you’ll love this 2023.

Sculptural Furniture to Add Elegance

“This 2023, we are seeing lots of round-edged, softer furniture as we shift from straight lines to curvy and more sculptural interiors. Curved Furniture provides more elegant and cozier interiors,” Tanya Nazariya, lead designer at Brilliant Staging and Design, says, and other top design experts agree.

Have you noticed how curved furniture pieces have been showing up everywhere? Just check the top posts on your Instagram and see for yourself. This curved furniture is becoming famous, and we’re confident it will be even bigger.

When decorating and staging your home, the aim is to always make a great first impression to potential buyers, with every piece of furniture doubling as an art, relayed through round-edged furniture ranging from graciously curved edges to soft arcs and curves.

Curved furniture pieces are great for hosting a group of people because a conversational attribute comes with the shape of these round pieces. They provide more comfort and convenience when you need to turn and chat with other people.

Curved furniture easily blends with other furniture styles, so consider this an invitation to dabble in this trend by combining your curved furniture with diverse styles. Such creative sculptural pieces deserve to be matched with creativity.

Antique Pieces that Tell a Story

If you have not, it’s high time you embrace and incorporate antique pieces into your home’s interior design. Antique pieces are unique! They add character to your home, unlike any other design element available. 

From a design standpoint, vintage antique pieces could act as a centerpiece in your home because they always tell a story. A vintage piece with an attractive patina expresses love for history and story, creating a colorful and whimsical environment. You can bet that you won’t find that vintage piece elsewhere.

Mixing vintage pieces with new furniture pieces creates a luxe and layered interior that transcends time. Interiors that can’t be tied to a specific era make the best homes.

Your home should include a collection of items and pieces you love, not just an inventory of dedicated furniture pieces. Nothing beats the deluxe patina of a quality vintage piece in aesthetic and charm.

Multifunctional Spaces for More Versatility

We predict that there’ll be continuous demand for functional spaces in the home where one area can serve multiple purposes. Since the pandemic, we’ve begun to accept that our homes have the potential to do more than just the “status quo.”

Even though we are going back to normalcy, many people still work from the comfort of their homes. The aim now is to make the home inviting and welcoming when hosting family and friends while versatile. For self-entrepreneurs or employees working from home, it is important to incorporate multifunctional spaces in the home.

The dining table could double as a desk; the home office can also be in the same area or in your bedroom. Furniture that can be used as a couch and a bed would also be commonplace. Multifunctional spaces are here to stay. They add more value to your home, making it more functional, and helping you become more productive.

Lighting to Jazz Up Your Interior

Beautiful lighting is a fail-safe way to make your space feel refreshing again, and these 2022 lighting trends are more prominent than ever, and there’s just the right piece for everyone. 

Lighting can be used in various settings; it’s just a matter of picking out the proper fitting. Floor lighting adds a whimsy yet elegant component to the room. Lighting is more than a look; it creates a feeling in the space. Lighting can create a welcoming and cozy atmosphere when done right; it equally has the potential to make a space dull. Lighting is an easy design change with a huge impact and should not be overlooked.

This 2022, we will see loads of harmonious integration of lighting that blends beautifully with the design and décor of each room,” explains Tanya. We should expect the re-appearance of multiple lighting fixtures in a space. This is especially important for living rooms and open plan spaces where light plays an essential role in various situations. 

Now that you know what’s trending, what next?

It’s time to get busy staging your home for success! Your property will stand out and evoke an emotional response in prospective buyers, whichever of these trends you incorporate into your home. You will have your property looking trendy and timeless in no time.

Whether you are a real estate agent or a homeowner and need expert help incorporating these trends, say no more! Our team of expert designers and top professional home stagers at Brilliant Staging and Design are right at your service. With years of experience in our armory, we transform your property into a magnificent oasis and primp your listing. Schedule a consultation with us today, and let’s discuss your needs!

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