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Dreaming of a Move-in Ready Home this 2023?

Are you dreaming of a move-in ready home this year? Then you are at the right place! We understand that furnishing and decorating your newly purchased home can be quite a hassle. Decorating your living space would require time, energy, and patience, especially when you have also relocated to a new city. 

It’s pretty demanding balancing work while furnishing and decorating the home. Relocating to a new city and hunting for a new home was already stressful, decorating and furnishing your home doesn’t have to be as such. 

Because we believe furnishing your home should not be stressful, this is what makes our Instant Home Service the ultimate solution for anyone relocating for work, or with a newly purchased home who wishes to have a move-in-ready home.

What is the Instant Home Service?

Instant Home by Brilliant Staging and Design is a fantastic tool for people who wish to have a move-in-ready home with minimal stress. 

It is a luxury tool, especially for people who don’t have time or the desire to design, shop, furnish and decorate their homes. You give us a budget, we do the designing and shopping. Then we come in with our crew of trained professionals to fully furnish and decorate your home.

Instant Home Service is a blend of home staging and interior design. Opting for a move-in-ready Instant Home gives you the best of both worlds simultaneously. You get a fully-furnished, fully-stocked, live-in-ready Instant Home by Brilliant Staging

What are the benefits of an Instant Home?

Moving is a lot easier and less stressful. 

If you are relocating to a new city or moving cross-country, your moving day is already arduous, especially if you are also moving heavy furniture. 

Our Instant Home Service makes your moving less daunting, also helping you reduce costs. You don’t have to worry about moving your furniture from your old apartment to your new one.

When you opt-in for our Instant Home Service, our team will select furniture, accents, and accessories that best fit your design style with your vision as the template. We take everything off your plate and oversee all the planning and expenses for you so that you have nothing to worry about while you’re about your job.

Your home is primed instantly for you within the shortest time frame possible. 

Perhaps you are on a tight schedule and want to relocate before the new school year or relocating for work in Seattle, move-in-ready home is an excellent option.

Suppose you’re busy and have no desire to furnish your home yourself? A move-in ready home helps you save time, and you won’t have to jeopardize your schedule. Instant Home Service is right for you.

You enjoy luxury design furniture. 

Our designers at Brilliant Staging and Design help you relish your home in style with carefully selected beautiful finishes handpicked by our team of expert interior designers. You enjoy high-grade flooring, top-of-the-line steel appliances, the latest kitchen countertops, and smart storage solutions.

That’s to say, you are not faced with the challenge of selecting furniture, positioning art, or wondering if you are overdoing design trends. Once you move into a fully furnished Instant Home, you’ll be able to instantly start creating memories with your family rather than deep cleaning or setting up utilities. 

You get to save more money. 

Saving more money is perhaps the most significant benefit of an Instant Home. Hiring professionals to help you furnish and decorate your newly purchased home is much cheaper than doing it yourself.

With an Instant Home, you don’t have to worry about additional upfront costs or pay for other labor expenses that come with building a house. Nine times out of ten, these additional costs turn out to be more expensive than buyers had pre-empted.

This makes Instant Home the perfect choice, especially if you don’t wish to be too involved in the design process. No hassles whatsoever, which gives you extra money in your pocket. 

Instant Homes are relatively inexpensive to maintain.

Instant Homes are set up with up-to-date modern appliances, modern air conditioning, and furniture based on each client’s preference. 
Under normal circumstances, moving is quite exhausting. Moving into something that needs constant renovation is even more stressful. But with the Instant Home Service by Brilliant Staging, you have nothing to worry about. You won’t find yourself worrying about out-of-pocket expenses after you move in; a completely stress-free experience for you! 

Your Instant Home is personalized for only you.

From the moment you step into a move-in-ready home, it’s a delightful experience, mainly because your home is personalized to cater to all your design needs. With a move-in-ready home, you know exactly what you are getting. 

Whether you’re the kind of person that wants the designer to choose and design everything while you just set a budget, check-in for approval, and go; or perhaps you want to shop and get feedback from the designer. Whichever it is, the Instant Home Service is right for you! You can look at an Instant Home similar to home staging, except you get to keep everything!

Is Instant Home right for you?

This service is excellent for:

  • Those relocating for work
  • Those who purchased a new home
  • Existing homeowners in need of a design overhaul
  • Very busy clients
  • Clients who don’t wish to be too involved in the design process

If you want the best of both worlds, are too busy, or don’t wish to be involved in the design process, an Instant Home is right for you. We tailor the process to your needs and desires.

Ready to book a consultation for your Instant Home? Contact us today!


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