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7 Interior Design Tips for Staging a Home to Sell

Staging homes is the best way to ensure it sells quickly and for more. Not only will a staged home sell for 17% more than an unstaged comparable property, but 95% of staged homes sell in just eleven days or less, according to Forbes. This is a great way to ensure that your property goes for the price you adore in a time that fits your needs.

These are the best ways to stage your home and why it’s not as big of an investment as you may assume.

1. Use Lighting To Make Spaces Feel Larger

Because the cost of real estate continues to rise, properties are shrinking and feeling less spacious than they did thirty years ago. If you want to be able to sell the idea of a larger property, consider using clever lighting to make a space feel bigger. For example, if you cut your windows larger, you can add window replacement inserts that draw the eyes upwards, but renovation isn’t the only way to get this look!

Ceiling-length curtains draw the eye upwards and can convince anyone that the room they’re in has a far higher ceiling than it does, making a room feel larger for cheap.

2. Luxurious Look Without Buying Furniture

Luxury has been a buzzword in housing ever since it was invented. People want to walk into a space and feel like living there would feel luxurious and make them seem wealthy or exciting. But unfortunately, luxury furniture is incredibly expensive. To get around this, you can rent staging furniture for far cheaper than buying it. Since staged homes sell so quickly, you wouldn’t have to worry about holding onto the furniture for too long!

3. Adding Heat In Spaces That Need It

The cliché description of places that make people feel at home is that they’re “warm and welcoming”. One of the best places to implement this is in bathrooms, where you can chase away the chill of tile and sleek surfaces and instead heat them. To do this, consider adding a heated bathroom floor. Heated floors make chilly mornings easier and reduce the amount of moisture in the air that usually leads to rot or mold.

4. Allow The Color Layout To Guide Eyes

Color can guide our eyes far more than we’d expect. To use this tool, you can add molding to cabinets that allow your eyes to look up and around, making the room feel more spacious. You can also do this by adding fresh coats of paint that match the feeling of each room and staging with art on the walls that guides the eyes from one space to another. Although it’s simple, it’s extremely effective.

5. Placement In Every Room Matters

The placement of every single item in every room matters, the layout of couches and chairs in a living room can inspire an area to feel more spacious and evenly spread. The way you place art, side tables, lamps, and rugs can all tell a story about the flow and use of a room. If you’re dealing with tight spaces, consider pulling all furniture six inches to a foot away from the wall. Although this may seem counterintuitive, this allows a room to feel like it has too much space and that there is a lot of room to work with.

6. Deep Clean Your Bathrooms And Kitchen

Nobody feels at home in a space that’s still covered in someone else’s grime and dirt. To chase away any memory that anyone else has ever lived in this house, you should deep clean the kitchen and bathrooms most of all. Although you should deep clean every portion of the home to be welcoming, kitchens and bathrooms are the spaces where people focus the most on what’s clean and what isn’t. Take your time scrubbing the floor, cleaning tile, and making the appliances look new and shiny. It’s worth it in the long run.

7. Fresh Flooring To Make A Space Feel Fresh

Floors show the age of a property faster than almost anything else. You can disguise this age by replacing the floor entirely. New vinyl kitchen flooring will have the perks of looking fresh, being resistant to scuffing and water damage, and will allow an area to feel brand new. Make sure you pick a simple pattern that works for nearly any homeowner and seek out a low-polish finish on it so that it’s not slick or too plastic-looking. Although vinyl has had some bad press in the past, it is a fantastic option for anyone who wants to give a space a new look for cheap!

Staging Is The Best Way to Sell For More

Whether you’re selling your home or you’re flipping an income property, staging will help you sell your property faster and for more money than you could have scored otherwise. Consider staging your property with Brilliant Staging, and you’ll sell in no time!

Natalie Akins is the Interior Design Editor at Innovative Building Materials. With over 20 years of interior design experience, Natalie has worked on many projects, including commercial office design and residential spaces.

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