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Why Vacant Home Staging Makes All the Difference?

Vacant home staging accentuates your home’s best features to enkindle interest and draw attention away from areas that may detract value.

One of the best decisions you can make when listing your home is to opt for vacant home staging.

The goal of vacant home staging (also real estate staging) is to highlight your home’s most remarkable features to appeal to a large pool of prospective buyers.

Staging your home is a marketing tool that plants the seeds of a beautiful lifestyle in your prospective buyer’s mind. A professionally staged home allures buyers, with a move-in ready look, thereby evoking an emotional response in prospective buyers.

Empty rooms can never evoke that visceral emotional response; neither do they beckon the online interest or offers a professionally staged home will attract.

A professional home stager would ensure your home looks irresistible to potential buyers, just like those superbly decorated homes on social media that inspire envy.

By curtailing your home’s flaws and playing up its best features, you present it most beautifully, leading to more offers and a faster sale.

But how then should you stage your home?

Occupied Home Staging or Vacant Home Staging

As the name implies, occupied home staging is carried out with the home sellers still residing in the home to be sold. Occupied home staging also uses existing furniture even though new furniture pieces may be added.

A significant disadvantage to this is that the home is continually cluttered and stocked with personal belongings, making it more difficult for potential buyers to envision themselves in the space.

The strenuous part is ensuring that your home is clean and continually being prepared to show the space.

This is where vacant home staging makes all the difference. Vacant home staging ensures that the home is displayed without personal preference in a stylish way that will captivate potential buyers. With vacant home staging, the sellers leave the house while it’s on the market, and the house is furnished with new, modern, and trendy decor. 

You might ask, what are the numerous benefits of vacant home staging?

Your property gets more showings, and you never have to bother about maintenance expectations.

Unlike when the home listed for sale is occupied and sellers are constantly under pressure to keep it clean, this is not the case with vacant home staging. You don’t have to be responsible for the daily cleaning of the home, which can be especially difficult for home sellers who are shuffling hectic schedules.

Vacant home staging gives you the benefit of a home that’s constantly clean and always ready for showing at any time, meaning you have ample time to carry out other activities. 

The chances that your realtor will show your home are also increased because real estate agents love a house that can be shown anytime, especially when they can use the lockbox without calling and making an appointment.

Higher offers because prospective buyers can easily see themselves in the home.

For one, vacant home staging makes it easy for prospective buyers to visualize themselves living in the home. Homes that are vacantly staged have living rooms, bedrooms, and dining set up to impress the buyer such that they can easily create a picture of how they’ll use the space. A home staged this way is devoid of personal belongings or clutter of the home sellers that are likely to detract value.

This demonstrates to the buyers that the home is move-in ready. Exemplifying that a home can be set up and comfortable makes it more appetizing to prospective buyers because they don’t need much maintenance. With vacant home staging, you can bet your home is looking it’s absolute best for prospective buyers.

Vacant home staging increases the home’s value and lessens the time it spends on the market.

A study carried out by NAR in 2019 reported that 22 percent of real estate agents reported an increase of 1-5 percent in the dollar value offered by buyers for vacant staged homes, unlike unstaged homes.

In simple terms, vacant home staging has the potential to increase the value of your home for the chance of a higher offer. Vacant home staging will make your home look elegant, polished, comfy, and more luxurious than it usually is.

The magic of vacant home staging helps potential buyers believe that their lives will be elegant and luxurious should they buy your property, making you the go-to option. The fantastic benefits of vacant staging don’t end here. Not only do you get higher offers for your home, but you also get a faster sale.

Ensure your listing stands out online.

This saying, “Don’t judge by its cover,” but we all tend to do the opposite each day. We make purchases online and choose the product with more beautiful pictures or nicer, more organized labeling over a more effective product. It’s just inherent human nature.

Likewise, you might have a beautiful, functional home with the best interior design listed for sale, but if it’s dirty and filled with clutter, none of that will matter to potential buyers.

First impressions are remarkable in the way they work. They could last for months, and they reiterate even in the face of conflicting evidence.

You’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression. It’s essential to make a memorable impression the first time, and this is what vacant home staging helps you achieve.

You need to make your home brilliant and outstanding so that your prospective buyers are soliciting to see it in person!

This is what vacant home staging helps you achieve. Highlighting your home’s best features amps up the value. That new dining or living room renovation you invested in could be further accentuated by ornate touches of vacant home staging, bumping up the worth a notch higher.

This is why it’s crucial to work with a professional interior designer or a home staging expert! A professional designer will maximize and optimize the use and potential of your space. Working with a professional like Brilliant Staging and design, you are pruning your home to sell quicker and faster, even for a higher price. 

With our expertise at Brilliant Staging and design, you reap the amazing benefits of vacant home staging before you even blink an eyelid. 

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